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4 Best GoPro Mouth Mounts (6 Bite Mount Filming Tips) 

GoPro cameras were made for action sports. POV footage from a GoPro is a great way to capture your adventures. Using a GoPro mouth mount is a great way to shoot POV, especially when surfing or wakeboarding.

The best GoPro mouth mount is the Grill Mount 2.0 by Pro Standard. And GoPro also makes a great bite mount for POV. The best GoPro mouth mounts provide a stable grip and tethered leash so you don’t lose your camera. Some mount mounts come with floaty attachments for your GoPro.

Best GoPro Mouth Mount

The Best GoPro Mouth Mounts

I’ve researched the different mouth mounts on the market and found the five best ones. I’ve also included some tips that you can use to make incredible recordings on your next adventure.

Let’s get started!

1. Pro Standard Grill Mount 2.0

My top pick for a GoPro mouth mount is the Pro Standard Grill Mount 2.0.

This durable, high-quality mouth mount is designed to keep your GoPro stable and secure while filming POV footage. 

Because of its design, the Grill Mount is versatile. It can also be used as a hook mount, mini handgrip, and folding tripod.

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The Grill Mount is made to be heat-molded for a custom fit. Just heat the two tabs for 45 seconds in boiling water, then bite down on them for 30 seconds.

Pro Standard Grill Mount gopro
Pro Standard Grill Mount for GoPro
Side profile Pro Standard mouth Mount
Side profile of the Pro Standard mouth mount for GoPro cameras

It is made from high-quality, shock-proof materials and features a comfortable bite mount that’s easy to adjust and will fit snugly in your mouth.

This GoPro mount will help you get crisp footage with minimal vibration or movement.

See the mouth mount in use with this video review.

2. GoPro Bite Mount and Floaty

This GoPro mouth mount works with the Hero9 and Hero10 GoPro cameras. It also comes with a floaty that will keep your GoPro afloat if you drop it.

The floaty attachment is an excellent addition for individuals looking to enhance their videos.

See this bite mount on Amazon and GoPro

gopro bite mount floaty
GoPro bite mount with floaty. Hero11 is mounted inside foam floaty
gopro bite mount
GoPro bite mount without floaty. Gel section goes in your mouth.

Capturing great POV footage is challenging. It is even more complicated when you are concerned about losing your GoPro to the ocean’s depths.

The floaty attachment will give you peace of mind as you try to capture what you’re seeing and even take some risks.

So with the floaty, your camera won’t sink to the bottom, you might consider using a leash or tether – to keep your dropped camera within arm’s reach.

Here’s a review of this mount by MicBergsma.

gopro mouth mount

3. MyGo GoPro Mouth Mount

The MyGo GoPro mouth mount is one of the best mouth mounts on the market. The mouth mount is similar to a scuba mouthpiece and allows for easy breathing.

It also offers sufficient padding that you can safely bite down on the mouth mount.

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The mouthpiece is designed to capture stable footage and minimize shaking when you move your head, improving the quality of your recordings.

Unlike other mounts, the MyGo mount is a drop-down design. This puts less strain on your mouth and neck and allows you to use it for extended periods to flawlessly capture moments.

mouth mount gopro

4. Ho Stevie! Leash for GoPro Mounts

While not technically a mouth mount, the Ho Stevie! Leash is something every bite mount user should use.

One of the drawbacks of a GoPro mouth mount is that if it comes out of your mouth, you might lose your camera. The Ho Stevie! Leash takes care of this.

Check out the leash on Amazon or directly from Ho Stevie!

The mouth mount allows surfers to record themselves while catching the perfect wave.

This leash will keep the mount and camera securely attached to your body if you have a crash.

Here’s Steve to show more.

6 GoPro Bite Mount Filming Tips

Here are some filming tips when using GoPro mouth mounts.

1. Use the Wide-Angle Video Setting

Each GoPro has a wide variety of video settings. Shooting footage with a mouth mount is slightly different than shooting with other GoPro mounts. I recommend using the wide-angle video settings when shooting with a mouth mount.

This will allow you to get the largest area of footage and amplify your POV angle. The wide-angle settings also give you the most slow-motion editing options.

2. Take Advantage of the Wide-Angle Photo Setting

If you are trying to capture still images, you should also use the wide-angle setting. I also recommend using the live burst function.

The live burst function will take multiple photos at once, so you don’t have to worry about having perfect timing.

gopro mouthpiece

3. Tether Your Camera

As already covered, you need to either tether your camera or add a floaty. Both will keep your camera safe if it falls from your mouth.

If you’re in fast-moving water (rivers and waterfalls) or high waves, you should probably tether the camera to yourself.

If you’re in calm water, like on a lake or calm beach, the floaty should do the trick.

4. Get Creative: Use Different Angles

GoPro mouth mounts are meant to be used with your mouth. However, you can easily hold the camera with your hands to get various camera angles.

Do not be afraid to change your POV and experiment. You might try handing off your GoPro to a buddy in the middle of a run.

5. Sports Uses for GoPro Bite Mounts

Here are some great sports and uses for your GoPro mouth mount.

You can also use your GoPro mouth mount as a mini handgrip, in place of a wrist mount.

6. Other Times to Use Your Mouth Mount

Mouth mounts aren’t just for sports. You might use this mount for creating tutorial videos or vlogging.

Here are some examples.

  • Cooking
  • Playing with your baby
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Home Renovation
  • Computer repair

Really, any setting that you want to film how to do a specific task. Or any time you want to capture the memory of a special event.

A GoPro mouth mount can make a great addition to your vlogging equipment setup.

gopro bite mount

Wrap Up

Each of these GoPro mouth mounts can help you capture unique POV footage. All you have to do is choose the best GoPro mouth mount for your next adventure.

Don’t forget the filming tips; you will be well on your way to documenting your experiences.