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About Dena Haines

Learn more about Storyteller Tech and our team.

Dena HainesMeet Dena Haines

Dena Haines is a content creator and co-founder of Storyteller Tech, along with her husband Bryan.

Experienced GoPro Photographer: Together, they have been shooting with GoPros for 11+ years. Their first GoPro was the Hero3 Silver, bought for a Galapagos work trip in 2012.

Dena and Bryan own over 20 action cameras, including GoPro, DJI, and Insta360 360-degree cameras. 

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Professional Creator: Dena and Bryan have developed video and content marketing plans for numerous international travel brands. Together, they run several content businesses.

Photography Writer: I’ve written photography tutorials and articles for well-known sites, including Digital Photography School. 

Dena also creates at Storyteller.Travel and is co-founder of Storyteller Media, a Canadian-based publishing company.

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More About Dena

Thanks for checking out my about page.

This is my personal blog where I share photography tips and inspiration.

I’m a wife and a mother. I enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, and travel. My family is super important to me, I can’t get enough of them!

Here we are having fun in the Galapagos.


We lived in Ecuador for 6 years (2009 – 2015). If you’d like to read more about that, check out Storyteller.Travel where we blogged about our expat experiences, learning Spanish and our travels in Ecuador.

Along with my husband Bryan, we created Storyteller Tech a photography site with a focus on GoPro and other action cameras.

Photography is all About Moments

I love photography because it allows me to capture moments. And not only can I capture them, I can help share the feelings that go along with them.

Time passes so fast and while we see things, there is so much we don’t really take in, or remember. Like the way the sunlight filtered through the trees at our favorite campsite last summer, or that gorgeous deep-blue night sky we saw while squid jigging with friends.

A walk in the woods

Learning how to capture those things is so exciting, because it brings back the moments and the feelings.

I love using a DSLR because it makes me slow down and think about what I’m creating. It forces me to really take notice of things, and drink in the details.

Watching my daughter grow up has really helped me take time to cherish moments.

Playing In The Leaves

I think photographers feel a photo the way a songwriter feels a song coming on, or a musician feels a piece of music.

A photograph is an inspiration that has to be captured and expressed.

Please Share With Me

Please comment, share a tip or a story. I really love hearing from fellow photography lovers.

When you take the time to comment it means a lot to me. Your comments also help me, and others to learn and improve our skills.

And, when you enjoy a post or find it helpful, please remember to share it with your friends.

I hope you’re feeling snappy, I know I am…