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Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3: Compared Side by Side (6 Things to Know)

The Insta360 X4 is similar to the X3. How do they compare, and is it worth an upgrade? I own both cameras and compare head-to-head: Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3.

  • Insta360 X4 is the best choice for creators. It has a 67% longer battery life, removable lens guards, an improved AI chip, gesture control, and an impressive 8K resolution of 360-degree footage.
  • Insta360 X3 is also an impressive camera, shooting in 5.7K resolution. It is slightly smaller and lighter than the X4. It also has the same sensor size (1/2″) and f1.9 aperture as the X4.

The X4 and X3 both accept external mics (with adapter), have exceptional image stabilization and wind noise reduction, and shoot impressive 360-degree video.

Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3

Here’s the full breakdown of these two action cameras. I own both the Insta360 X4 and the X3. The photos in this post are of my cameras. And I’ve been shooting with action cameras since 2012. This is part of our Camera Comparison series.

Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3

X4 vs X3: Which one is best for you? If you’re a content creator, I recommend the X4. Here’s why:

  • The new X4 model is best for content creators. Longer battery life, improved video clarity, and beautiful 8K resolution are all votes for the X4. The X4 also ships with removable lens guards—something that was missing on older models.
  • The X3 is also a great option for content creators and family vacations. Until the X4 was released, the X3 was the best in its category, and that quality is still there.

If you’re working on a budget, the X3 will not disappoint. But if you can spare the extra $100, the X4 is the way to go.

Upgrade to Insta360 X4 from X3?

What if you already have the X3?

Should you upgrade from the Insta360 X3 to the X4? Probably not, at least for most users. While there are exceptions, I think that many users won’t see the difference unless the footage is held side-by-side.

But if you don’t already own the X3, the X4 is the way to go. The removable lens guards alone are worth the difference in price. While the older models used adhesive guards, the X4 has twist-on (removable) guards to protect those fragile, exposed lenses on your camera.

In full disclosure, we received a pre-release model of the X4 from Insta360. Last year, I purchased my X3 camera.

Insta360 X4 and X3 specs

6 Primary Specs Compared: Insta360 X4 vs X3

Here are some key factors to compare between these two action cameras.

  1. Battery Life: The X4 wins at 135 minutes, a 67% improvement over the X3’s 81 minutes.
  2. Cost: The X4 has an MRSP of $499.99. The X3 has a reduced MRSP of $399.99.
  3. Weight: The X3 is lighter at 6.3 oz (180 grams). The X4 is slightly heavier at 7.2 oz (203 grams).
  4. Durability: Equal. Both cameras are durable with a rubberized exterior. The X4 has a textured front, giving an even better grip when mounting or changing batteries.
  5. Lens Protection: X4 wins. It has removable, twist-on, lens guards that will protect the delicate lenses of the camera. They are available in plastic (ships free with the camera) or glass (premium add-on).
  6. AI Chip: X4’s new generation 5nm AI chip powers 8K video resolution. The benefit is shown in the quality of footage.

Both cameras have matching specs for waterproofness, chip size, and aperture.

Get your X4 on Insta360 or Amazon. Check current X3 pricing on Insta360 or Amazon.

Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3 compared
Insta360 X4 (left) and the X3 (right).

The X4 is the newest release by Insta360. Here are all Insta360 cameras by release date.

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Specs and Pricing: Insta360 X4 vs X3

SpecsInsta360 X4Insta360 X3
MRSP$499.99 USD$399.99 USD
Sensor Size1/2″1/2″
Video8K30 / 5.7K605.7K30
Battery2290mAh (CINSBBMA) Removable1800mAh (CINAQBT/A) Removable
Battery Life135 minutes81 minutes
Weight (grams)203 g180 g
Size (inches)1.8 x 4.9 x 1.48″1.8 x 4.5 x 1.3″
WaterproofWaterproof to 33 feet (10 meters)Waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters)
Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3 side profile
Insta360 X3 (left) and the X4 (right).

Appearance, UI, and Battery

Both cameras are a solid build. The rubberized coating is well done, it gives a good grip and looks nice. Both models have texturized edges for improved grip. And the X4 has a textured front as well.

While the X4 is larger and heavier, it isn’t very noticeable. When I first took it out of the box, I thought it was the same size as the X3. It wasn’t until I put them side-by-side that I noticed.

The user interface is almost identical between cameras. If you have the X3 or X2, the X4 will feel like the same camera.

  • Both have the 4-button menu (power, Q, shutter, and settings).
  • Both connect to the Insta360 app.

I like the interface – both in-camera and in the app. It is smooth and intuitive.

Gesture Control

X4 has added gesture control, similar to the Ace Pro vlogging camera and the Link webcam. This is a great feature for fast and/or solo shooting.

This feature can be toggled on/off in settings. And it isn’t available for the X3.

Battery Comparison: X4 vs X3

Both cameras have removable, rechargeable batteries.

And while X3’s 81 minutes is respectable, X4 outdid it. Expect more than 2 hours with the X4.

Are the X4 and X3 batteries interchangeable? No, the physical size and capacity are both different. The X4 battery is larger and has a larger capacity.

I recommend buying a second battery. I do this for all of our action cameras. Nothing worse than running out of juice part way through an adventure.

Here’s how the battery life and capacities compare across both models.

SpecsInsta360 X4Insta360 X3
Battery Life135 minutes81 minutes
Same Battery2290mAh (CINSBBMA)1800mAh (CINAQBT/A)
Charging Time55 minutes to 100%90 minutes to 100%

Get your X4 on Insta360 or Amazon. Check current X3 pricing on Insta360 or Amazon.

Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3 size comparison

Capturing Photo and Video: Specs

These cameras capture stunning video. But there are some notable differences.

Capture Specs: Both cameras have the same 1/2″ sensor. And both have an f1.9″ aperture.

Dual Lens Specs

  • X4 Max Resolution: 8K30fps/5.7K60fps
  • X3 Max Resolution: 5.7K30fps

Love slow motion? Here’s the max resolution and frame rate for both models.

  • X4 Max Slow Motion Resolution: 4K100fps
  • X3 Max Slow Motion Resolution: 3K100fps

Single Lens Specs

If you want to shoot only with a single lens (180 degrees), here is the resolution and frame rate you can capture.

  • X4 Max Resolution: 4K60fps
  • X3 Max Resolution: 4K30fps

Audio Specs: Both cameras have 4 mic and Active Wind Reduction setting. I’ll test these differences and share in a future update.

Here are all the capture specs for both camera models.

SpecsInsta360 X4Insta360 X3
Video8K30 / 5.7K605.7K30
Image StabilizationFlowState StabilizationFlowState Stabilization
Audio (Mic)44
Accepts External MicYes, with mic adapterYes, with mic adapter
Wind Noise ReductionActive Wind ReductionActive Wind Reduction
Sensor Size1/2″1/2″
Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3 appearance

Features and General Specs: Insta360 X4 vs Insta360 X3

Here are the other specs and details for each camera.

SpecsInsta360 X4Insta360 X3
Release DateApril 16, 2024September 2022
Release Year20242022
Webcam FunctionNot YetYes
Weight (ounces)7.2 oz6.3 oz
Weight (grams)203 g180 g
Size (inches)1.8 x 4.9 x 1.48″1.8 x 4.5 x 1.3″
Size (mm)46 x 123.6 x 37.6 mm46 x 114 x 33 mm
ConnectivityWi-Fi + BluetoothWi-Fi + Bluetooth
micro HDMINoNo

So while neither camera has GPS built-in, they both (X4 and X3) integrate with Garmin and the Apple Watch for stats collection. This includes route, speed, heart rate, distance covered, and more. Here’s how to use the Garmin integration for mountain biking.

Test Footage: X4 vs X3

These videos are pending, and this section will be updated soon. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick with a cold since the camera arrived, and I have limited outdoor testing.

In the meantime, here’s a great video by a fellow creator.

Get your X4 on Insta360 or Amazon. Check current X3 pricing on Insta360 or Amazon.

Which One Do You Like Most?

After our X4 vs X3 review, which model do you have your eye on? Are you currently shooting 360 footage?

Have a question? Please drop it below and I’ll do my best to answer it.