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About Us: Storyteller Tech

Learn more about site authors Bryan and Dena.

Hello! Welcome to Storyteller Tech

We’re Bryan and Dena Haines. Thanks for checking out our about page!

Why Trust Storyteller Tech?

We’ve been creators since 2009. We run content businesses and have created and managed content (video and text) programs for numerous international travel brands. 

We Own The Gear

We own GoPro (11 models), DJI (4 models), and Insta360 (3 models) cameras. Plus a selection of Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Canon cameras. And a drone and duffel bags of mounts, poles, tripods, and other capture gear. 

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bryan and dena haines

We bought our first GoPro back in 2012 for a content trip to the Galapagos.

Fast forward ten years and we now own 9 GoPro cameras, plus another dozen cameras and our DJI drone.

We’ve been writing about photography and content creation since 2015.  

Storyteller Tech is part of Storyteller Group. Storyteller Group is the publishing and product division of Storyteller Media.

Who is Storyteller Tech for?

If you love to travel, market creatively and spend time in the great outdoors – you’re going to love this blog.

Our goal is to help travelers, content marketers, and families get the most out of their GoPro and other cameras. We share the best tutorials, videos, reviews, tips, and projects.

Along with sharing our own experience, we do research and collect top videographer/photographer advice so we can put it all together and pass it on to you

Learn more about the team.

What Happened to ClickLikeThis?

As you’ll notice on some of the older photo watermarks, our site used to be called Click Like This. We first launched ClickLikeThis in the fall of 2015.

Seven years later, we decided it was time for a fresh look. So in October 2022, we changed the name and brand to Storyteller Tech. The name better reflects the content creator angle of our content.

Bryan and Dena GoPro Bloggers

What Will You Get From Storyteller Tech?

Storyteller Tech will save you time and frustration. It will also inspire you to create captivating content.

The GoPro is different than the vast majority of cameras out there, with different settings and different functionality. Learning how to use it takes time.

You’ll Save Time and Frustration

We help reduce the learning curve with clear concise articles.

You’ll find articles that explain GoPro Settings and how to easily edit GoPro video.

There are also some tips and tricks you need to know so you can avoid frustration. For example, water drops and lens fog can ruin your footage.

GoPro Blog Clicklikethis
Funny! But not our favorite Galapagos memory. Those nasty little water drops.

Storyteller Tech will help you combat the things that could leave you feeling disappointed with your GoPro.

You’ll Be Inspired to Create Great Content 

We (Bryan and Dena) are Canadian entrepreneurs who have a background in marketing and travel. Creating content is what we do pretty much every day. We love it.

We’ve found the GoPro excellent for creating captivating content. It’s easy to travel with and the video quality is awesome.

You’ll find lots of articles with tips to help you create great content. Like how to capture a sunset timelapse, a driving timelapse, and how to take half underwater photos.

We’ll also share the best gear so you can capture all those unique POV angles GoPro is famous for.


Storyteller Tech will help you spice up your content.

You’ll Get Help Capturing Family Adventures

Family time is very important to us. Our vacations are spent camping, biking, hiking, and snorkeling as a family.

Bryan Haines GoPro Blogger
how to take a screen shot from gopro video gif

We like capturing it all with the GoPro and sharing our adventures with family and friends. We want to help you do that too.

Here is a short video of our family in the Galapagos

Storyteller Tech will share GoPro tips for families.

We will also be adding GoPro family projects and challenges. We’re looking forward to that!

Bryan and Dena Haines GoPro Bloggers

Why a GoPro Blog?

We’ve created this GoPro blog because when we got our first GoPro we couldn’t find a blog all about GoPro cameras and how to use them.

We found some helpful videos on YouTube and some great articles scattered across a lot of different blogs. That was ok, but it took a long time to sort out. And following all those different blogs hoping for a GoPro article now and then was a little frustrating.

So Storyteller Tech was born. This is a “one-stop shop” for all your GoPro needs.

This blog is for newbies and those who are a little more advanced. It will probably even help you figure out if you should buy a GoPro or not.

We hope you feel at home here. And that you’ll share your comments and questions so we can make sure we’re giving you what you want.

Please sign up for our updates so you don’t miss anything new here at Storyteller Tech.

Please Share With Us 

We love hearing from you. Please comment here or on any of our posts.

Feel free to share tips and gear suggestions, ask questions and let us know if we’ve left anything out or shared something incorrectly.

Thanks again!

Bryan and Dena
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Caleb Cinzio

Wednesday 13th of April 2022

Thanks. I have got a GoPro hero 7 silver and it works ok. I was just wondering if you can drag files from your computer to your GoPro. Could I put a 10 minute clip from my computer to the GoPro, enabling me to view that file on my GoPro?

Stuart Bilsky

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Hello I am seaching for answers i have a hero 5 black but it has been sitting for a year do to covid and it seems to no be working properly contacted GoPro they said i should get a recommend mini SD card reformat it and down load the update manually does this seem right have you experienced anything like this or is it a waist of time the camera died

Jason Arbour

Monday 15th of February 2021

Thanks for giving a little bit of a background to yourselves! I have come to your site many times over the years to learn about using my GoPro's but never knew the people behind the writing. It's nice to finally know who you are and who's behind the clicklikethis website...should have looked at your about section earlier. But just now getting around to reading it!

Cheers! Jason from

Alistair Barclay

Sunday 17th of January 2021

How do I get auto notices of your new posting? Thanks Love your content and GoPro tips Alistair

Lovely Sharma

Saturday 7th of December 2019

Hi, Dena Your blog is so captivating, I am a newbie into this vlogging. Currently, I am using my Google Pixel 3 smartphone for shooting, but I am planning to buy a GoPro, which one would you prefer? Thanks!