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About Bryan Haines

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Hey, I’m Bryan!

I’m a photographer and traveler. Dena and I created this site to share what we learn about photography.

While we focus on GoPro and action cameras, we also cover much more, including DLSR, drone, and even trail camera photography. 

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Bryan is a partner at Storyteller Media, a Canadian-based digital publishing company.

He blogs at Storyteller Travel and Storyteller Tech.

bryan haines

This was shot with my original GoPro – the classic Hero3 Silver – while bodyboarding in the Galapagos Islands. 

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Stu Oates

Saturday 30th of July 2022

i have a GoPro Model is HD1 03 10 098095

lost the instructions years ago and can not find quick start guide. any help much appreciated

Cheers Stu Oates


Wednesday 1st of June 2022

I have what I believe is a game changer for go -pro to keep cool 😎


Thursday 24th of March 2022

I attached my GoPro cube to the back of the rear view mirror with scotch sticky Velcro strips.. o housing, easy to take camera on and off