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Action Camera Tutorials for Creators

Welcome to Storyteller Tech!

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Welcome! We’re Bryan and Dena. And we’ve been writing about travel photography and content creation since 2015. We own the six newest GoPro cameras, along with the latest DJI and Insta360 cameras.

Why Trust Storyteller Tech?

We’ve been creators since 2009. We run content businesses and have created and managed content (video and text) programs for numerous international travel brands. 

We Own The Gear

We own GoPro (11 models), DJI (4 models), and Insta360 (5 models) cameras. Plus a selection of Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Canon cameras. And a drone and duffel bags of mounts, poles, tripods, and other capture gear. 

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storyteller tech for creators
Here are some of our GoPro cameras – from the new Hero12 back to our first Hero3 Silver.

What Storyteller Tech is All About

Here’s what you can expect on Storyteller Tech:

  • GoPro Cameras: Sort out your GoPro settings and features with this massive set of GoPro guides. And our section about GoPro gear will help you get the most from your camera.
  • Other Action Cameras: We own 4 DJI and 5 Insta360 action cameras. And we are building, reviewing, and creating tutorials for each model.
  • Comparisons / Skills: This set of camera comparison guides will help you discover the best action, motorcycle, trail, webcam, and travel camera. And why not try some of our camera skills?

Here’s to your next adventure! 

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Here’s How to Use Your GoPro

GoPro makes one of the most durable and versatile action cameras. Here are the guides and tutorials you need to get the most from your camera.

These GoPro guides will help you configure, connect, charge, and mount your camera.

GoPro Gear

Choosing the right mount can make the difference on your adventure. Here are the reviews, comparisons, and collections of the best GoPro gear and mounts.

DJI Camera Tutorials

DJI makes great action cameras, including Action, Osmo, and Pocket. Here are the guides and tutorials for DJI action cameras.

Camera Comparisons

Sometimes it can be hard to sort out all the options. We created these comparison guides to help you choose the best camera for your adventure.

Camera Skills

These tutorials include charging, connecting, resetting, and setting up your camera. Plus an explanation of photography and videography terms.

gopro tutorials for creators

See our recent posts and guide to every action camera tutorial we’ve published.