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Check out our full set of GoPro tutorials. These in-depth tutorials will help you learn how to use a GoPro.

They include settings, time lapse, underwater, shooting guides, and gear. Learn how to use a GoPro.

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GoPro Tutorials

The Ace Pro and Hero12 Black are similar action cameras. I own both models and I’ll compare the Insta360 Ace Pro vs GoPro Hero12 Black. Capture settings, battery life, size, and sensor size are some of the specs compared. Ace Pro and Hero12 both have external mic capability, equal waterproofing and outstanding image stabilization features …

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Keeping your GoPro firmware up-to-date keeps your camera stable and gives you access to the latest features. Updated firmware also fixes glitches, errors, and mistakes of past versions. To update GoPro firmware, you should use the GoPro Quik app. It’s fast and (nearly) fail-proof. You can also manually update your GoPro via a firmware download/upload. …

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