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GoPro Volta Review (4-in-1) Battery/Remote/Grip: 7 Things to Know

To help improve the battery life of their camera, GoPro released the Volta. The GoPro Volta allows you to film for almost 6 hours at 4K30. The Volta helps make GoPro an even better vlogging camera.

In my GoPro Volta review, you’ll learn about the features and drawbacks of shooting with this battery grip. And which cameras get the full benefit of the Volta features.

There are 4 reasons to use the GoPro Volta. The two primary features are the extended battery life and wireless remote control. It is also a camera grip and tripod. When used together, your GoPro gets leveled up for reliable content creation.

gopro volta review

This guide is part of our large set of GoPro Tutorials.

GoPro Volta Review

I bought my Volta back in September 2022 and it has been a great purchase. And all the newest GoPro cameras can use all the features. More on camera compatibility below.

Here is my full review. Have a question? Let me know in the comments below!

gopro volta is it worth it
GoPro Volta in tripod mode

7 Pros and Cons of the GoPro Volta Grip

To get started, let’s consider some of the things I love (and don’t love) about my GoPro Volta grip.

There are a few great features and a few drawbacks to using the Volta Battery/Remote with your GoPro.

  • 5 Pros: Add 4 hours of shooting time. Charge and remote control your camera at the same time. Comes with backpack mount fingers for hands-free operation. The tripod is decent and the battery weight helps increase stability.
  • 2 Cons: It isn’t waterproof. It is a little heavy, coming in at 250 grams (8.8oz) without the camera. Add a Hero12 Black and it weighs 405 grams (14.3oz).

Learn more about GoPro remote options.

gopro volta grip
GoPro Volta in grip mode with Hero12 Black attached. Notice the mounting fingers on the front for backpack mounting.

GoPro Volta Specs: 4 Accessories in 1

Here are the specs and details of the GoPro Volta grip.

  1. Battery: Capacity of 4900mAh and life of 4+ hours shooting time. When your Enduro battery is also fully charged, expect a battery life of almost 6 hours. Charge time of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) with 5V/3A charger.
  2. Remote: Similar to the other GoPro remotes, you can change shooting modes and start/stop shooting. Works up to 30 meters (98 feet) away, in ideal conditions.
  3. Tripod: Rubberized feet keep it from sliding on smooth surfaces. And the extra battery weight works out great in tripod mode. The weight stabilizes it and helps it stay put.
  4. Grip: This is the most basic feature, and it makes a decent camera grip. It has a nice wrist strap to prevent drops. And the exterior is rubberized for grip.

The Volta charges via a USB-C cable. This has been the standard GoPro cable for the last many years.

Learn more about extending shooting time with GoPro batteries and how long each battery lasts.

Is the GoPro Volta waterproof? It is officially listed as “weather-resistant”. But this basically means keeping all water and dirt away. And if some water gets splashed on it, you can hope that it didn’t land where you removed the side door (and waterproof gasket) to connect the charging cable.

While the Volta is great (I love mine) you need to keep it away from water. It won’t handle getting wet.

Caution: Remember that both the Volta and your GoPro aren’t waterproof when connected. You need to treat this setup more like a regular camera and gimbal – keep it away from ocean spray, rain, and mud.

gopro volta remote controls
GoPro Volta remote controls

Which Cameras Work with the GoPro Volta?

While there is just one Volta model, it doesn’t work with every GoPro model. And even when it works with a specific model, not all features work with every camera.

Here are the models that work with the GoPro Volta.

  • Hero12 Black: Charge, Wired/Wireless Control, Weather Resistant
  • Hero11 Black: Charge, Wired/Wireless Control, Weather Resistant
  • Hero11 Black Mini: Charge, Wired/Wireless Control, Weather Resistant (When using the USB Pass-through door
  • Hero10 Black: Charge, Wired/Wireless Control, Weather Resistant
  • Hero8-12 Black (With Media Mod): Charge, Wireless Control
  • Hero9 Black: Charge, Wired/Wireless Control, Weather Resistant
  • Max: Charge, Wireless Control
  • Hero8 Black: Charge, Wireless Control (via Bluetooth as The Remote).

See our full guide to GoPro remote compatibility.

gopro volta specs
Specs from GoPro Volta

4 GoPro Volta Benefits and Uses

Probably you’re imagining how to use this mount in your creation process.

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Mount the Volta to your backpack mount and record a half-day hike.
  2. Mount your GoPro on another tripod and use the Volta to start/stop recording from up to 30 meters away.
  3. Record extended timelapse sequences – sunrises, construction, field harvesting, etc.
  4. Use the Volta for a full day of vlogging on one charge.

How are you planning on using the Volta in content creation?

gopro volta with hero12
GoPro Volta with Hero12

You can attach the GoPro Media Mod for even more functionality. Read my full Media Mod review.

Your Turn

Have you been using the GoPro Volta? Or maybe considering it for content creation? Please share your tips and questions below!