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6 Best GoPro Shoulder Mounts: Get Stable POV Footage

GoPro cameras are some of the most versatile cameras available. And they do an amazing job capturing our adventures. One of the more unique aspects of GoPros is the unique camera angles that they can capture. Shooting with a GoPro should mount will give some great POV footage.

The best GoPro shoulder mount is the Stuntman 360. It has 4 positions and works with all recent GoPro cameras, and most action cameras. Has a 360-degree ball joint for getting the perfect angle. Other great mounts include the Insta360 backbar mount, GlideGear, and the Peak Design camera clip.

best gopro shoulder mount

A unique camera angle will give you a new perspective on your adventure. Some standard GoPro mounts include helmets, wrist, and for your bike, snowboard, and kayak.

A commonly overlooked camera angle is the shoulder perspective. A GoPro shoulder mount can capture your POV while including part of your body for perspective.

gopro shoulder mount

GoPro Shoulder Mounts for the Best POV

Here are my picks for the best GoPro shoulder mounts. Each of these GoPro shoulder mounts provides stability and durability.

Which of these GoPro shoulder mounts is best for you?

1. Stuntman 360

The Stuntman 360 GoPro Shoulder Mount is one of the best options for capturing high-quality POV footage.

With this mount, you can comfortably get hands-free footage of all your outdoor adventures, whether biking, hiking, skateboarding, or even skydiving.

This mount is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to wear, and it’s made of sturdy materials for reliable performance.

The Stuntman 360 will help you capture unique POV footage of your next adventure. Its secure design means that you will not have to worry about the camera angle changing. You can set it up easily, so you will capture great POV footage in no time.

stuntman 360 gopro shoulder mount
Stuntman 360 is a solid GoPro shoulder mount

2. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

The Capture Camera Clip V3 from Peak Design is a great way to keep your GoPro safe while you’re on the go. The clip attaches to your clothing and provides a secure hold for your camera.

The design lets you quickly release your camera when you’re ready to take a video or photo.

See more on Amazon or PeakDesign.

The Peak Design Camera Clip will keep your GoPro ready at a moment’s notice so you can capture the exact POV footage you are looking for without worrying about the safety of your GoPro.

This is one of my favorite backpack mounts for GoPro. I’ve used this for mountain biking and while exploring Miami on foot a couple of years ago. I love how stable the clip is. And the perspective is almost the same as what I’m actually seeing.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip mount
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip mount

Here are more options for backpack mounts.

3. Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount Harness 

Whether you’re skiing down a mountain, riding a wave, or simply exploring your surroundings, the Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount Harness will help you capture incredible footage.

This GoPro shoulder strap is also great for taking photos, as it frees up your hands and allows you to take pictures from a unique perspective.

This shoulder mount uses the GoPro-styled 3-tongued connector. This means that it will support every model of GoPro.

4. Insta360 Back Bar Mount

The Insta360 Back Bar Mount is a versatile shoulder mount that provides stability and flexibility when shooting with your GoPro camera.

This mount features two extension arms, which allows you to easily adjust the angle of your shot and get unique POV perspectives as you film.

insta360 backbar mount

The extension arms will help you capture unique POV footage. Plus, you will stay hands-free so you can focus on your adventure. Additionally, it has adjustable straps that allow anyone to attach it securely to their shoulder.

Insta360 also makes a 3rd-Person Backpack Mount. This mount looks over your shoulder, shooting drone-like footage.

third person backpack mount

5. Glide Gear MED 100 Medusa 

The Glide Gear MED 100 Medusa Shoulder Rig is one of the best GoPro shoulder mounts. It’s made of durable aluminum and can hold up to three GoPro cameras simultaneously.

This mount is perfect for those who want to capture POV footage from multiple angles.

glide gear action mount harness

The Glide Gear MED 100 Medusa shoulder rig is the perfect way to capture POV footage from multiple angles.

With three GoPro cameras mounted on the rig, you’ll be able to capture all the action, no matter where you are.

The aluminum construction is durable and will hold up to all kinds of wear and tear, making it a great choice for those looking for a reliable GoPro shoulder mount.

6. Telesin Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount

The Telesin Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount is designed to work with all GoPro cameras. It is a versatile GoPro shoulder mount that offers a convenient and easy way to capture amazing POV footage while you’re on the go.

The Telesin Bag Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount features an adjustable design that can be easily adapted to suit various shooting scenarios.

Whether you’re looking to capture some sweet action shots while shredding the slopes or want to document your latest hiking expedition, this mount has you covered.

It features a secure buckle system that ensures the camera stays firmly in place, even during intense activities.

gopro shoulder strap
peak design shoulder mount gopro
Peak Design shoulder mount for GoPro cameras

Wrap Up

When you’re on your next adventure, be sure to use a GoPro shoulder mount to capture the best POV footage you can! One of these GoPro shoulder mounts is sure to meet your needs. Happy filming!