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GoPro Media Mod Review: Is it Worth It? 6 Pros/Cons

GoPro has produced the Media Mod mount since the Hero8 (back in 2019). And it adds a ton of function to an already great camera. If you want to vlog with your GoPro and capture great audio, then it’s worth considering the Media Mod.

There are 3 reasons to buy the GoPro Media Mod: improved audio (directional mic and 3.5mm mic port for external mic), HDMI output, cold shoe mounts for lights, screen, and additional mics.

gopro media mod review

GoPro Media Mod Review

I bought my Media Mod back in September 2020 with my Hero9 Black. Thankfully, they haven’t changed the body style or Media Mod since, so it also works with my Hero10, Hero11, and Hero12 Black cameras.

Here’s my GoPro Media Mod review. Have a question? Let me know in the comments below!

gopro media mod 2nd generation
GoPro Media Mod: 2nd generation pictured with GoPro Hero12 Black

6 Pros and Cons of the GoPro Media Mod

To get started, let’s consider some of the things I love (and don’t love) about my GoPro Media Mod.

There are a few great features and a few drawbacks to using the Media Mod with your GoPro.

  • 3 Pros: better audio (with built-in mic and option to add external mic), HDMI port, and two cold shoe mounts (for Light Mod, screen, or mics).
  • 3 Cons: Not waterproof, a little clunky, and the SD card can’t be accessed without removing the camera from Media Mod.
gopro media mod ports
3 ports on the back of the GoPro Media Mod: Micro-HDMI, USB-C, and 3.5mm audio

GoPro Media Mod Specs

For the newest GoPro cameras (Hero9 Black to Hero12 Black), you’ll want this Media Mod version: BLDT1 (ADFMD-01).

Here’s an overview of the Media Mod Specs.

  • Built-in directional mic with removable windscreen
  • 3.5mm audio mic port for adding an external mic, including wireless options
  • HDMI-out port for viewing footage on your TV or monitor
  • Uses the same mounting
  • 2 cold-shoe mounts for attaching lights, mics, or view screens.
gopro media mod with light mod

Is the Media Mod waterproof? In GoPro’s sales material, they note that it is “weather-resistant.” And while I’m sure that’s mostly true, you’ll want to avoid getting this wet.

To insert your GoPro, you’ll have to remove the side door (and also remove the waterproof seal). Treat this like any other piece of non-waterproof electronics and you’ll be fine.

Caution: Because I’m used to dunking my GoPro underwater for no good reason, it took some conscious effort not to do that when it is in the Media Mod. I’m sure you’re smarter than me, but thought I would share. I would hate for your camera to be ruined.

gopro media mod with hero12 black

Which Media Mod Do I Need for My GoPro?

There are two versions of the Media Mod. Here is the correct Media Mod for your GoPro camera.

  • Hero12, Hero11, Hero10, and Hero9 Cameras: BLDT1 (ADFMD-01) This Media Mod works with the Hero11, Hero10, and Hero9 cameras. It has two cold-shoe mounts (top and right) for lights, mics, and screens. It has a 3.5mm mic port, and micro HDMI-out port for connecting to a TV. The removable mic cover helps improve audio in winds up to 20 mph (32 kph).
  • Hero8 Camera: (AJFMD-001) This Media Mod ships with the same features as the new model. The only difference is that it doesn’t ship with the foam mic cover. And it only works on the Hero8 Black.
gopro media mod directional mic
GoPro Media Mod directional mic. Foam windscreen is removed and beside camera

3 GoPro Media Mod Benefits and Uses

There are three notable benefits to using the Media Mod with your GoPro.

  1. Improved Audio: While the newer GoPro cameras have improved audio, they can use some help. The Media Mod has a built-in directional mic with a windscreen (for reducing wind noise). It also has a 3.5mm audio jack so you can add a premium external mic. Using an external mic is a great way to improve GoPro audio quality.
  2. Playback: GoPro hasn’t shipped cameras with HDMI ports for years, so the Media Mod is a great addition to your gear bag. It has a micro-HDMI port for viewing your GoPro footage on your TV. Here are the GoPro cameras with an HDMI port.
  3. Mount More Accessories: With the two cold shoe mounts, you can add the Light Mod, Display Mod, or mount your external mic on them.

These benefits all point to one primary use: vlogging. If you are a content creator, then the Media Mod should be on your list.

gopro media mod for vlogging
GoPro media mod with light mod is great for vlogging

Which Media Mod Do I Need for My GoPro? There are two versions of the Media Mod. Here is the correct Media Mod for your GoPro camera.

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Your Turn

Have you been using the Media Mod? Or maybe considering it for content creation? Please share your tips and questions below!