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6 Best GoPro Wrist Straps: POV Mounts for Immersive Footage

Sometimes it isn’t possible to handhold your GoPro. If you need your hands to perform your sport, you need a GoPro wrist mount. And if dropping your GoPro could result in it sinking to the bottom of the ocean, you need a GoPro wrist strap.

We have compiled the seven best GoPro wrist straps and mounts for your GoPro camera. Whether you are going scuba diving, cycling, mountaineering, or racing, we’ve got it all! Here are our picks to keep your GoPro filming and prevent loss during your adventures.

gopro wrist strap

We’ve organized this guide into three sections. The first two sections cover the best GoPro wrist mounts and straps.

Then we cover common questions, including the best applications for wrist-mounted cameras.

Let’s get started!

3 GoPro Wrist Mounts

The following wrist mounts are best in class for GoPro cameras.

1. GoPro Wrist Mount

The 360-degree GoPro wrist mount is extra sturdy for capturing on-the-go videos. The 360-degree features mean you have an ultra-immersive wide range of views for your camera.

Sleek and lightweight at 2.99 ounces, the mount is exceptionally tenacious for its size.

See on GoPro or Amazon.

gopro wrist mount rotatable
The GoPro wrist mount is rotatable

It features high-tempered steel and polyester for extra protection and grip. GoPro promises to replace the mount if your initial one fails.

The mount is ideal for cycling, swimming, and extreme sports that pack a ton of grit. Ensure you check out the toggling feature and flip between selfies and back camera POV.

Compatible with all the latest GoPro cameras, this might be the best mount for POV footage.

gopro wrist mount strap
Strap on the underside of the hand, it wraps on both sides of the thumb
hand mount for hero11

2. Surewo Wrist Mount

Surewo offers an easy-to-rotate Surewo GoPro wrist mount that offers something different. 

Surewo promises excellent mounting with an easy-to-install mount.

The mount features a four-buckle system that straps onto your wrist, or you can mount it on almost any surface. And it only weighs 2.08 ounces. Almost nothing when compared to the weight of a GoPro.

Also, the skin-friendly breathable cloth work absorbs sweat and does not add extra pressure to your wrist.

Surewo wrist mount is an action-based mount for capturing high-speed targets. Even better, once you lock it in place, it does not wobble out of position unless you readjust it. 

Surewo devices are compatible with a vast range of action cameras and GoPro cameras from Hero5 to Hero10.

3. Telesin Upgraded GoPro Strap

The new Telesin GoPro mount and strap are perfect for sea lovers. Its ergonomic design ensures it’s comfortable around your wrist. You also get a hands-free experience from the same mount.

The 12″ strap features a 60-degree rotary shooting direction for different perspectives for your shots.  You’ll need to apply some extra force to rotate the strap. It has a lock button for securing your desired shooting angle.

Find on B&H and Amazon.

Compatible with a wide range of cameras from GoPro, Akaso, Insta360, Campark, and more. Tested in aquatic environments, you can now capture better underwater shots.

3 GoPro Wrist Straps

GoPro wrist straps enable you to appreciate the beauty of nature and record it hassle-free. Simply adding a basic wrist strap can make the difference of bringing your camera home at the end of the day.

And some include floatation features to keep your camera from being lost at sea.

The best straps to include in your videography arsenal are:

1. Mudder Floatation Wrist Strap

GoPro cameras are waterproof up to 33 feet in depth. However, the tiny cameras do not float. Some divers learn this the hard way.

When looking for the ultimate sea shooting experience, look no further than the Mudder floatation wrist strap. The lightweight device attaches to your wrist snugly. 

Find on Amazon and Walmart.

floating wrist strap for gopro

Mudder is a foam-filled neoprene wrist lanyard with a bright yellow hue. The bright color makes it easy to spot on the water.

The only downside is that it supports up to 7 ounces of camera weight. However, buoyancy levels vary from fresh to seawater. Some users have reported the wrist strap holding up to 9 ounces of GoPro camera weight.

2. Avorast Adjustable Wrist Strap

The Avorast hand wrist strap is best for attaching cameras, phones, and other gadgets you use in precarious places to get the perfect shot.

The attach-detach function allows you to attach your USB and other gadgets easily.

Just remember to slide the lanyard over your wrist, please. If you forget to put the strap around your wrist, it won’t help when you drop it.

3. GoPro Sleeve With Lanyard

The GoPro Sleeve with lanyard is a sleek adjustable fixture with a quick clip release for protecting your GoPro camera.

An adjustable lanyard keeps your camera action ready. When you are not using the camera, slide the lanyard into your pocket or wear it as a fancy necklace. There are numerous colors available.

Available on GoPro and Best Buy.

gopro lanyard strap

I like the simplicity of this strap and sleeve. It isn’t really suitable for extreme sports – the silicone will tear. But this simple accessory allows you to use your GoPro as a point-and-shoot camera.

Since the sleeve is GoPro manufactured, it is compatible with Hero9 and Hero10 cameras.

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GoPro wrist straps and mounts are designed to keep your camera in hand, even in the onslaught of grit, ocean waves, and river currents.

gopro wrist mount

Interested in another mounting location? Here are the best GoPro shoulder mounts.

FAQs About Wrist Straps and Mounts

When Should I Use a Camera Wrist Mount?

Wrist-mounted cameras aren’t as convenient as a selfie stick. They require you to straight arm for decent footage. And you’ll get a higher proportion of unusable video.

  • But for settings where you need to have your hands free (water skiing, snow skiing, motorcycle, snorkeling, and rock climbing) a wrist-mounted camera is great.
  • And a wrist strap comes in handy whenever you’re in a setting where you could drop (and lose) your camera. This can be almost any sport. And even for out-the-window shots in a moving vehicle. The wrist strap acts as a tether, preventing loss.
gopro hand strap

Are GoPro wrist straps and mounts compatible with other cameras?

Yes. GoPro wrist straps and mounts will work with most action cameras, including Akaso, Sony, Olympus, and Insta360 One RS.

It’s good to confirm before purchase if these mounts will work with your specific camera model.

What can I use the straps for?

The primary function is to safeguard your camera against loss and drops. The GoPro mounts are also great for filming POV footage.

gopro hand mount

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Your Turn

What type of footage are you planning on creating with your GoPro wrist mount? Have a tip to share? Join me below!