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7 Best GoPro Fence Mounts for Awesome Sports Footage (8 Locations)

Whether you want to preserve your favorite plays or review your opponent’s performance, filming your event with a GoPro is a great way to capture it all. It’s also a great way to film your kid’s games. By using a GoPro fence mount, you can get stable 4K footage of the game.

A GoPro fence mount will improve your sports footage. These camera mounts will securely mount your camera to the fence or post. You can even mount your GoPro to plexiglass in a hockey area. Clamp and suspension camera mounts also hold phones, traditional cameras, and other action cameras.

gopro fence mount

A fence mount allows for steady, focused images while keeping your GoPro immobile.

Mount your GoPro to the fence and make sure it’s correctly oriented for spectacular videos. Here’s how to stably mount your camera to a fence.

7 Ways to Fence Mount Your GoPro

There are several GoPro fence mounts on the market, and I’ve selected my top seven favorites below.

The style of fence mount ranges from bungee cord to clamp mounts and wire compression and metal claws. There is even a bonus mount – a suction camera mount for the plexiglass at the hockey arena.

1. Pedco UltraClamp Camera Mount

  • Mount Style: Clamp
  • Devices: GoPro cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, and other optical devices
  • Available on Amazon and B&H Photo

The Pedco aluminum clamp camera mount feels sturdy and holds devices weighing up to six pounds. The UltraClamp can attach to handlebars, car windows, roll bars, railings, and tables. 

The ball and socket head swivels, giving you lots of options for adjusting for the perfect shot when the action moves on the field. The sturdy aluminum clamp body and screw securely hold a variety of devices.

Some users notice the threads on the screw can get rusty. Make sure to wipe down your equipment after use and before storage.

This has been one of my favorite mounts for the past ten years. Here’s my full review.

gopro fence clamp mount

2. Meinuoke GoPro Chain Link Fence Mount 

  • Mount Style: Clips with Elastic Rope / Suspension
  • Devices: GoPro cameras, digital cameras, and smartphones
  • Available on Amazon and Etsy

The Meinuoke chain link fence mounts easily adjust to different angles and are a breeze to attach to a fence. This lightweight device holds your phone or camera in place so you can focus on the game rather than readjust the mount.

Some users have found difficulty getting their cameras flush against the fence. Without adjustment, the fence may appear in the frame.

Unless you want your phone on the side of the fence where a ball can strike it, you must put it on backward, making it more difficult to obtain a nice shot without the fence being seen.

3. Clamp Mount with Double Ballhead

  • Mount Style: Super Clamp with double-ball head
  • Devices: All GoPro cameras, any camera with 1/4 thread mount, or any action camera that uses a GoPro-styled 3-tongued connector.
  • Where to Buy: Amazon and Insta360 (Motorcycle Bundle)

This is a solid screw-down clamp mount for cameras.

I love this mount for two reasons.

  • First, the clamp mount screws into place, and it’s made for pipes and other cylindrical rods, rails, handles, and poles.
  • Second, the double ball head means it will always be easy to level the camera. Clamp the mount anywhere and level the camera later.

I received the mount in the photo below as part of review access to the Insta360 One X2 camera. It is made to be mounted on a motorcycle and for use at highway speeds. If it keeps your camera stable on the highway, it shouldn’t have any trouble as a stationary fence camera mount.

I was even able to clamp mount this mount directly to the chain-link fence – without using the top fence rail. See a photo toward the end of the post.

fence mount

4. Universal Action Camera Backstop Mount 3-in-1

  • Mount Style: Hooks with Elastic Rope / Suspension
  • Devices: GoPro cameras, digital cameras, and smartphones
  • Available on Amazon and Walmart

The Pmsanzay universal can mount fences with GoPros, cameras, and smartphones. This suspension device uses hooks and bungees to attach directly to the fence. It does not require the use of any extra tools.

Because it also allows you to rapidly unmount your camera, altering the angle and focus of your images is effortless!

Users have noted that the bungee/hook system fails frequently. The hooks are connected to the bungee by a zip tie. Adjusting the hooks to keep the shot level is difficult as well.

5. LynkSpyder

  • Mount Style: Metal Claws / Clamps
  • Devices: GoPro cameras, smartphones, and camcorders
  • Available on

The LynkSpyder has lots of options when it comes to additional assembly pieces for a custom camera mount.

The basic 6-inch x 9-inch LynkSpyder features laser-cut stainless steel brackets that tighten down on metal or mesh backstops.

lynkspyder gopro fence mount

Between the main plate and the claws, neoprene rubber washers absorb vibrations that a metal-to-metal connection normally transmits to the camera.

Perfectly designed to fit your GoPro, add attachments for your phone for a completely customized setup.

6. The Fence Clip

  • Mount Style: Metal with Thumb Screws / Clips
  • Devices: GoPro cameras and smartphones
  • Available on

The Fence Clip works best on a meta, chain link fence because it interacts with the fence’s two parallel wires. To secure the clip, users tighten a thumbscrew between the spaces.

This device would fail on a mesh backstop, as it needs two points of solid contact to spread across.

the fence clip gopro mount

This aluminum, stainless steel, and brass mount lock onto the fence within seconds, making set up incredibly easy. No other tools are required for the thumbscrew. And it is just as easy to unclip from the fence.

The versatile T-Handle wire comes in a variety of configurations. This adaptability gives heavy-duty consumers the ability to fine-tune their system and the optional T-handle wire links across two fence cells or a single fence cell. 

7. Fat Gecko Suction GoPro Mount (For Glass)

  • Mount Style: Suction Cup for Glass and Plexiglass
  • Devices: GoPro cameras, camcorders, and flashes
  • Available on Amazon and B&H Photo

The Delkin mini suction cup mount can hold up to four pounds of equipment and includes a three-prong adapter for GoPro Hero action cameras.

The Fat Gecko Mini Suction Camera Mount works as an all-purpose sports camera mount and attaches to flat surfaces instead of fences.

Attach the mount to a surfboard, snowboard, motorcycle, jetski, ATV, or even the top of a helmet.

The 3-inch industrial suction cup provides a solid base, and the rig allows for 360 degrees of tilt, turn, and rotation. It has been tested in extreme temperatures and on the exteriors of vehicles going over 150 mph.

This mount has two lockable points of articulation for the perfect angle that will hold as long as you need it to. 

This mount is a favorite of mine as a GoPro car mount. If there is glass, this is my go-to mount.

camera fence mount
My GoPro mounted to a decorative fence with a clamp mount

How to Use Your GoPro Fence Mount

There are lots of options when it comes to camera mounts for shooting stable sports footage. While some use suspension, like the Meinuoke and Pmsanzay, others use clamps, claws, and hooks.

Depending on what you will be capturing and whether you prefer to connect your camera directly to a metal fence, mesh backstop, or flat surface, you should be able to locate a device that meets your needs on this list.

gopro fence mount for baseball

8 Places to Mount Your Fence Mount

These GoPro mounts are great for recording fast-paced baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis games. The Delkin Fat Gecko is great for smooth barriers, like glass or plexiglass.

Most of the mounts work best on chain link fences and support bars. Most can attach to a mesh backstop, but the fence clip will only work on metal.

You can mount your GoPro in many ways to a fence.

Here are 8 mounting methods:

  1. Directly on the chain-link fence (suspension and clamp mounts)
  2. Vertical fence post (clamp mount)
  3. Horizontal top support bar of the fence (clamp mount)
  4. Directly on tennis net (suspension and clamp mounts)
  5. Goal or net support in soccer and tennis (suspension and clamp mounts)
  6. Baseball backstop (suspension and clamp mounts)
  7. Plexiglass barrier in hockey, even baseball dugouts (suction mount)
  8. Benches, guardrails, seatbacks, wall fixtures. If you don’t have access to the fence barrier, look for other nearby items for mounting your GoPro.
GoPro chain link fence mount
Clamp your camera directly to the chain-link fence with this GoPro mount
chain link fence camera mount
gopro tennis net mount
Clamp your GoPro directly to the tennis net


These devices attach directly to a chain-link fence using some means of clip, clamp or hook, except the Delkin Fat Gecko.

The Delkin mounts via suction cup to glass and other non-porous surfaces like a surfboard or helmet. These are all well-built devices. The only issue that may arise is the durability of the ends of the rubber bands that fasten to the fence.


The GoPro Fence Mount allows you to capture photographs and videos of your activities by attaching your GoPro to a fence.

Here’s how you mount your GoPro on a fence.

  1. Using any included screws, secure your camera cover to the mount.
  2. To fasten the mount to the fence, use a fence clip, hook, or clamp mount.
  3. If the mount includes one, fasten it using the thumbscrew.
  4. Insert your GoPro into the camera housing and fine-tune the lens.
backstop camera mount

Your Turn

Which GoPro fence mount are you using? Have a tip for shooting with a camera fence mount? Let me know below!