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GoPro Dog Harness Guide: 4 Best Dog Camera Mounts for Adventurers

Enjoy outdoor adventures with your dog? A GoPro dog harness is a must. See the world from your dog’s POV. Here are the best GoPro dog mounts and harnesses.

GoPro makes the Fetch, the most popular GoPro dog harness. But GoPro isn’t the only dog harness to film your dog’s point of view. Here are our favorite dog harnesses and mounts to help you find the one that’s right for your dog. 

gopro fetch dog harness

In this guide, you’ll learn about the two best dog harnesses. Plus, two GoPro mounts for dogs.

Let’s get started!

1. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

The GoPro Fetch dog harness helps owners get a dog’s-eye view of the world. It’s padded to ensure your dog’s comfort and features two mounting locations for a camera.

You can position the camera either on the back or the chest.

Check out the GoPro Fetch dog harness on Amazon or GoPro.

This is extremely useful since a chest-based mount won’t suit all dog shapes and sizes. 

gopro dog harness dual mount
GoPro Fetch, a GoPro dog harness with dual camera mounts

Additionally, the GoPro dog harness is waterproof, and the camera stands up to trips through fetid swamps and paddling in rivers. They are also fully adjustable and can accommodate dogs between 15 to 120 lbs.

The material is durable, so if you have an exuberant dog, the GoPro harness should stand up to a bit of roughhousing. 

Some GoPro users found it awkward to fit on smaller dogs and reported that the camera mount was cumbersome for dogs at the smaller end of the GoPro harness’s weight spectrum.

Depending on the dog’s size, the chest mount may not be an option. This is particularly true of dogs built low to the ground, like bassets, corgis, and some spaniels.

While the GoPro harness fits dogs of various weights and sizes, it doesn’t account for the different contours of some smaller dogs. You may struggle to adjust the harness comfortably to unusually shaped dogs, like bassets or standard dachshunds. 

gopro dog harness mounting system

Footage from GoPro Fetch

Here’s a great review of the Fetch harness. Keep in mind that it was shot with the Hero6. The in-camera stabilization has improved on newer models.

And here’s how it improves using the Hero8 Black. Setting: 2.7K, with Hypersmooth 2.0 Boost, 60fps.

Because of the significant bounce and shake that will occur while your dog is running, make sure to use a GoPro with the HyperSmooth feature.

As the above videos demonstrate, HyperSmooth will turn an otherwise unwatchable video into a great adventure.

gopro dog harness

2. SmilePowo No-Pull Dog Harness 

The SmilePowo No-Pull dog harness, while not made by GoPro, allows you to add a GoPro dog mount to the harness. 

This harness mounts just a single camera, on the back, between the shoulder blades.

It features snap buckles and adjustable straps that make the harness easy to use and put on. We particularly like that the positioning of the straps keeps the pressure off your dog’s neck and throat, so they won’t choke if they start pulling. 

Another feature we like is that it uses reflective material. While you’re unlikely to get much doggy footage off a camera at night, if you do go out, your dog will be visible to oncoming traffic. 

Additionally, the material stands up to machine washing and all weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about switching harnesses when the weather gets cold. 

The harness works best for dogs between 11 to 66 lbs. While there’s some flexibility so dogs can grow or gain weight, it’s not designed for large animals. Otherwise, it’s a well-designed dog harness with a camera mount that puts your dog’s safety and comfort first. 

best gopro dog harness

3. Surewo Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount

The Surewo backpack shoulder strap mount is an effective way to improvise a GoPro dog mount on a harness that doesn’t come equipped with a built-in mount.

The velcro straps make it easy to attach to your dog’s harness. It’s compatible with various GoPro dog harnesses, as well as other harness makes and models.  

It uses a nylon material that is comfortable for your dog and minimizes friction while they’re on their walk. 

This GoPro-compatible dog mount takes pictures from several angles, giving dog owners options when they set up the mount. 

We recommend using it with a harness like this one to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible while walking. It also helps shoulder some of the mount weight and reduce stress on more active dogs. 

Our only issue with using this mount as a GoPro mount substitute with a GoPro dog harness is that it isn’t as stable as it could be. This is particularly true for active dogs that pull or give chase to squirrels, so take care when securing it to the harness. 

gopro harness for dogs

4. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip  

For a more stable GoPro camera mount for your dog, we like the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

It holds a camera firmly in place, ensuring your dog can run, chase, and all but climb trees without you worrying about losing the camera. Peak Design is an excellent choice for more active dogs and owners, especially if you like a rigorous adventure. 

There’s a quick-release button that makes the camera easy to detach, and this is handy when removing the GoPro-style camera mount to wash the harness or if you need to extricate the camera from your dog mid-walk. 

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip mount
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip mount

The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip includes a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing easy replacement if necessary. 

For the best results, we recommend using it with this kit

gopro dog mount

Frequently Asked Questions 

In addition to our favorite GoPro-style harnesses and mounts for dogs, here’s more about choosing the right one for your dog.

What’s the Best Way to Use a GoPro Dog Harness?

For best results, you can either press record and head off on your adventure or use voice commands.

With GoPro voice commands, you can switch between video and photo mode. And even take a photo burst or set a HiLight on the video. All without having to stop your dog and navigate menus.

What is the GoPro Dog Mount Locations? 

Most GoPro dog harnesses have two mount locations, one on the back and one on the chest.

Depending on the dog’s size, the chest mount may be inaccessible or uncomfortable. 

Can I Use a GoPro Dog Mount without a GoPro Dog Harness? 

The GoPro dog mount is compatible with various other harnesses. Likewise, the GoPro dog harnesses can accept several other mount options. 

You can even combine one of the harnesses and mounts from our list above.

Who Uses the GoPro Dog Harness and GoPro Dog Mount? 

The GoPro dog harnesses and dog mounts are popular with pet owners who take their animals with them on long hikes or walks.

The GoPro dog mount is an excellent way to take pictures from your dog’s perspective while the harness ensures they remain comfortable while walking. 

Here’s more about shooting with a GoPro on your next hike.

How Do I Put a GoPro Dog Harness on My Pet? 

GoPro dog harnesses use easy-snap buckles. All your dog needs to do is step into the harness and for you to click the buckles shut. 

The straps are adjustable and can be tightened or loosened around your dog to ensure the best fit possible. 

Can I Use the GoPro Dog Harness with Other Pets? 

If you have an adventurous cat who joins you outdoors, the GoPro dog harness can likely be adapted for their use.

Most GoPro dog harnesses don’t work with animals below minimum weight, so check the parameters against your pet’s weight before purchasing one.

gopro for dogs

GoPro: National Dog Day

Here is some great dog footage captured (and compiled) by GoPro.

Your Turn

How are you planning on using your GoPro dog harness? Have a tip or maybe some footage to share? Join me below!