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8 Best GoPro Dive Masks: Mounts & Masks for Scuba & Snorkel

Dena and I have snorkeled a lot with our GoPro cameras. Most of the time, we used a small handheld float handle or a selfie stick. For a unique point of view, use a GoPro dive mask that mounts your camera on your forehead. Keep your hands free and capture great POV footage.

The best GoPro dive masks are made by Octomask. You’ll notice the quality even before putting it on. They come in frameless or standard lens style. Both have a GoPro mount on the top of the mask. The camera can be easily tilted to capture different point of views.

best gopro dive mask

Several snorkel and dive mask models now come with a built-in GoPro mount, but if you already have the perfect mask, you can also add a GoPro mask mount for a simple hands-free solution. I also include full-face masks with GoPro mounts built-in.

My guide will review six GoPro dive masks and two GoPro dive mask mounts to meet your underwater hands-free needs.

3 GoPro Dive Masks

If you want to get in the water with your GoPro, a mask with a built-in mount is your best option. Masks with GoPro mounts are available for both standard-style and full-face masks.

Here are our picks for both frameless and standard masks.

1. OCTOMASK Frameless Mask With GoPro Mount

The OCTOMASK Frameless Mask with GoPro Mount is made with high-quality soft silicone that provides a comfortable yet snug fit.

This mask fits most people with average to large faces exceptionally well. The frameless OCTOMASK also comes in a freediver version.

See Octomask on Amazon and B&H Photo

octomask gopro dive mask
Octomask GoPro dive mask

You can mount any model GoPro to this mask. It comes with a metal thumbscrew that allows you to attach your GoPro to the high-quality plastic mount easily. The mount keeps your camera firmly in place to prevent accidental rotation.

The accompanying waterproof travel bag makes storage and travel easy. It is suitable for snorkeling, scuba diving, and freediving.

gopro diving mask
Mounting system on the GoPro diving mask
gopro snorkel mask

2. OCTOMASK Standard Mask With GoPro Mount

The OCTOMASK Standard Mask with GoPro Mount is the standard version of the frameless mask above. Whereas the frameless mask contains a single piece of tempered glass, the standard mask includes two pieces of tempered glass for the lenses.

The standard OCTOMASK is manufactured with the same high-quality silicone to guarantee a comfortable fit. Easily mount your Go Pro tightly in place with the included thumbscrew and protect your mask when not in use with the included waterproof travel bag.

Check the current price on Amazon or Octomask.

gopro dive mask mounting
The GoPro mount on top of the Octomask dive mask

The standard mask works with all GoPro models and is suitable for snorkeling, scuba diving, and freediving.

Do you wear prescription lenses? You can install prescription lenses into both the frameless and standard OCTOMASK versions by a dive shop professional.

The cost to get prescription lenses installed in the standard model is typically less expensive than to have a single lens put into the frameless model.

gopro dive mask

3. COLIFRSC Frameless Mask with GoPro Mount

Thanks to the COLIFRSC Frameless Mask with GoPro Mount updated design made with high-precision LSR injection technology, this mask will fit virtually any face shape and head size for adults and kids over 12 years old. 

The mask’s strap and skirt are made from the highest quality soft food-grade liquid silicone. The wide strap design reduces pressure on the head and can easily be adjusted with one hand while underwater.

The 4mm tempered glass is Communauté Européenne (CE) certified and both anti-fog and anti-fall (shatter resistant). 

The COLIFRSC has a removable GoPro mount that works with all GoPro models and is suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. It comes with an aluminum thumbscrew to securely hold your GoPro in place.

gopro full face mask

Learn more about IPX Waterproof Ratings.

3 Full Face GoPro Snorkel Masks

If you prefer a full-face mask over a regular mask, we have three good recommendations.

4. ORSEN Electric Full Face Snorkel Mask

The ORSEN Electric Full Face Snorkel Mask is unique in a few ways. ORSEN has a patented Electric Air Fresh system that accelerates the entry of oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions five times faster than standard full-face masks. 

Also, this mask was the world’s first to become SGS certified for keeping carbon dioxide levels under 0.29%, a concern with full face masks.

According to ORSEN, you can breathe as effortlessly under the water as you can above it with this mask. I haven’t tested this mask yet.

This mask comes in three sizes to ensure the best fit and offers a 180° panoramic view while snorkeling.

The removable GoPro camera mount easily attaches solidly atop the foldable dual-air flow snorkel with a single nut and bolt.

ORSEN comes with a charging cord for the rechargeable battery, pair of earplugs, two replacement valves for the circulation system, the GoPro mount with a nut and screw set, and a net storage bag.


The OCEAN REEF Aria QR+ boasts a quick-release system that separates the Aria QR+ from other full face masks. This system ensures safety, comfort, and ease when putting on and taking off the mask.

With three different sizes, this mask’s comfortable elastic straps ensure a snug hold. Mount your GoPro atop the snorkel with ease.

The dark face seal reduces incoming surface glare while providing a 180° panoramic view. No defogging products are required for this mask, as it has an air circulation system to prevent fog. An independent laboratory has tested the Aria QR+ to confirm safe carbon dioxide levels during use.

The mask comes with a mesh carry bag for drainage and quick drying after use and is compatible with all products and accessories in the FFSM Ocean Reef line. 

6. Wtsoo Full Face Mask for Kids

The WSTOO Full Face Kids Snorkel Mask is sized perfectly for snorkeling GoPro-ing kids and is suitable for those who do not have any snorkeling experience.

It has a transparent anti-glare flat lens, which will not distort your child’s underwater vision but allows for a 180-degree panoramic view. 

The high-quality food-grade silicone of the mask allows for a comfortable fit while preventing leakage and irritation or discomfort to kids’ skin.

Two quick-release buttons allow children to remove the mask quickly if necessary. A valve prevents water from leaking into the snorkel.

This mask comes in several fun colors, and your little GoProer can mount their camera to the top of the attached snorkel for safely capturing their underwater adventures hands-free.

gopro mask mount

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2 GoPro Mask Mounts

If you already own a mask that fits so perfectly you can’t imagine giving it up, go hands-free with your GoPro underwater by using amount.

Here are two mounts for attaching your GoPro to your current mask.

7. Scubapro GoPro Mask Mount for Dual Lens Masks

The lightweight Scubapro GoPro Mask Mount holds your GoPro securely in place without wobbling, allowing you to dive without the worry of losing your camera.

It fits just about every double lens mask without drilling or alterations. 

This mount is only compatible with dual-lensed masks and cannot be used with frameless masks, but it is compatible with all GoPros.

8. Symbiotic GoPro Dive Mount

The Symbiotic GoPro Dive Mount works with any masks and fits all models of GoPros.

A two-strap bracket keeps your mount and camera safe. The mount can be attached to your mask’s left or right side.

Because this mount allows you to put your GoPro on the side of your mask, you will get fewer bubbles distorting your footage.

Form-fitting neoprene pads keep the mount aligned while providing comfort. Integrated vents allow this mount to slip through the water with ease.

gopro scuba mask

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Why Swim with Mask-Mounted GoPro?

Yes, you can shoot underwater animals with your GoPro on a selfie stick. But by mounting your camera on your dive mask, you free up your hands for other things, like swimming.

Or you can swim with two cameras – one mask-mounted and the other one on a selfie stick or wrist mount. There are many times that another POV would have added to the footage – and captured more of the experience.

Here’s some of the footage we shot on our Galapagos trips. While I love the footage, the music choice is a little obnoxious. You might want to turn down the volume a little for this one.

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dive mask with gopro mount
Octomask dive mask with GoPro mount

How Will You Go Underwater With Your GoPro?

No more taking handheld GoPro mounts on your scuba and snorkeling adventures! Get yourself one of these GoPro dive mask options before you embark on your next underwater adventure.