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GoPro Screw Size (Length, Thread) Bolts, Thumb, Mount, Replacements

As I looked to confirm what screw size GoPro uses for their mounts, I found many results. And the only results I could find were unofficial – forums and Reddit posts.

The GoPro screw size is M5 bolt x 0.8 (10-32 screw). The length of my mounting screws ranges from 18.5-19 mm (just under 0.75 inches).

Some aftermarket screws are listed at 20mm (0.79 inches), but be careful. If you get a screw that is too long, it won’t properly clamp the folding fingers to the mount. This means it can wobble, even break.

gopro screw size

GoPro Screw Size

The M5 bolt (metric) is almost identical to the 10-32 bolt (imperial).

We own GoPro mounting bolts from GoPro themselves (back to our first Hero3 Silver camera), Peak Design, and many generic providers.

From my experience, I can say that only GoPro and Peak Design have mounting screws that fit consistently.

GoPro Users Share Bolt Size

Here are the references from other GoPro users, regarding the GoPro bolt size.

  • M5 (with standard thread pitch 0.8mm). This size and thread pitch is according to this Reddit thread.
  • After some testing, GoPro users in this thread tried 10-24 but was too tight. They had success with the M5X.8 / 10-32.
  • This M5 x 20mm socket head cap screw is a favorite among GoPro owners. Check the comments and see many raving about the fit. And because it is black, it blends nicely with the camera. Many note that it is cheaper to pick this up at a hardware store.

From what I can tell, GoPro doesn’t officially publish their bolt size. Their forum moderators were unhelpful and dismissive of questions from users. The only reason I can imagine is to direct sales to their own products.

To help, here are some great options for replacement GoPro screw mounts.

Replacement GoPro Screws and Bolts

Here are a few options for replacement GoPro screws.

  • Peak Design POV Kit: This holds either your action camera or point-and-shoot. It comes with two thumb bolts. This kit combines perfectly with their capture clip mount. Bolts are made with stainless steel screws and aluminum heads.
  • Aluminum Alloy 3-Bolt Set and Wrench: Made with aluminum alloy to prevent rust. This set comes in 2 sizes and 3 color choices.

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gopro screw mount size

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Your Turn

How did this go? Were you able to get the right bolt for your GoPro setup? Have a tip or hack to share? Join me in the comments!


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