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7 Best GoPro Kayak Mounts: 5 Mounting Locations (Suction, Clamp, Adhesive)

If you already own a GoPro you know how great it feels to get underwater shots and to capture your outdoor experiences. And not damaging your camera or getting shaky footage while capturing cool shots. Now it’s time to step up your game and get a GoPro kayak mount to make those incredible outdoor shots even better.

The best GoPro kayak mounts include the YakAttack PanFish, Fat Gecko suction, UltraClamp, and GoPro adhesive mounts. Other mounts for filming your kayak trip include chest mounts and helmet mounts. Mount your GoPro on these 5 locations: kayak side, front/back, paddle, helmet, and chest mount.

gopro kayak mount

With these kayak camera mounts, you’ll be able to capture your paddle without losing your camera.

Whether on a fishing or snorkeling trip, having the right GoPro mount for your kayak can make the difference.

7 Best GoPro Kayak Mounts

Here are my picks for the best kayak mounts for GoPro cameras.

Note: I own all of these mounts and have tested them all. In our family, we all own a kayak and love to go on adventures. I plan to begin sharing some of our footage next summer.

1. YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

The YakAttack PanFish Pro is an intuitive camera mount system with plenty of flexibility.

To use this mount, you’ll need a track system on your kayak. Most kayaks come with two or three tracks for rod holders or other accessories The PanFish pro slides right in and clamps down tight.

It includes a ball system that allows you to set up the best angle for your shot. Set the pole angle, then you can level your camera with the camera ball system.

This camera mount is expensive. But so is losing your GoPro over the side. And it gives a better filming angle than the other mounts we have.

The PanFish Pro is ideal for filming your next kayaking trip.

Check out PanFish Pro on Amazon and YakAttack.

yakattack gopro mount
YakAttack GoPro mount on my kayak

It is compatible with most cameras, as long as it has a standard tripod mount. Of course, you’ll likely want a waterproof camera – in case of some splashing or tipping on your trip.

You can use its 360-degree rotation feature to take selfies, and for vlogging too. It is super durable and easy to attach or detach from one kayak to the next.

2. Fat Gecko Suction Camera Mount (Delkin)

The Fat Gecko Suction Mount by Delkin is a very affordable GoPro kayak mount.

It has a lot to offer with its 360-degree tilt, turn, and rotation. It is durable for any shooting environment.

You can attach both action cameras and camcorders to the mount as it will hold both tightly in place. It is very lightweight, although the suction is very strong and you can mount it on steel, aluminum, glass, and even the side of a vehicle.

Find the Fat Gecko on Amazon or a dual suction on B&H.

gopro suction mount for kayak
GoPro suction mount for kayak

Tests prove that the Fat Gecko performs best on glass whether it be a sliding door or a windshield.

We used this mount to film some driving videos in Ecuador. And it stayed solid for the full 3 hours. And we’ve used this mount on hotel windows and the side of my truck and it stayed steady. The suction cup is a 3″ industrial suction cup.

kayak gopro mount

3. Pedco UltraClamp Assembly Camera Mount

The Pedco UltraClamp mount is universal and super stable. I prefer the 2.5″ model.

It can be used for scopes, binoculars, and cameras and can mount onto bars and railings. It is great to use during action sports as its ball and socket head allow for easy and fast adjustment.

To mount this in my kayak, I clamped in between the cup holder and cockpit. If you’re going to use this mount, it’s a good idea to tether it to the kayak. Because it clamps to the kayak body, it could lose hold if the kayak flexes at all.

This isn’t my favorite mount for kayaking but it can work.

You can position the camera at any angle, and the mount can hold up to 6 pounds. It can attach to objects from 1.0-2.5 inches thick.

GoPro clamp mount for kayak
GoPro clamp mount for kayak

The Pedco UltraClamp camera mount works better than most tripods as it locks the position of a camera well and is easier to make adjustments.

This is one of my favorite mounts. And I’ve owned it for 10+ years. Here’s how I filmed a driving timelapse with the UltraClamp.

Here’s how the mount looks on the front of a double-decker bus in Cuenca, Ecuador. This is the most stable GoPro mount that I’ve ever used.

gopro pedco mount review

4. GoPro Large Tube Mount (For Paddles)

This tube mount is very affordable and mounts solidly. It has a nonslip design and has a 360-degree rotation with 16 secure positions allowing you to get the perfect camera angle when mounted on your paddle rod.

With its clean and simple design, you do not need to worry about losing small pieces or having shaky footage while recording.

The large tube GoPro mount is:

  • Very easy to secure with 16 secure positions
  • Perfectly designed to fit around pipelines, poles, and railings
  • Features full rotation to capture any angle
  • Compatible with all current GoPro models
  • Fits any 1.4 to 2.5in (3.5 to 6.35cm) diameter tube

The hinge design keeps the clamp easy to remove or reposition as needed.

Specifically, an included vertical mounting bolt eliminates the hassle of switching between different points of view (POVs). 

Plan on stopping for a quick swim and snorkel? For hands-free filming, you can mount your camera to a GoPro dive mask.

5. GoPro Jaws: Flex Clamp

What’s unique about these GoPro Jaws is that you can attach your camera directly to the clamp if you want low-profile mounting.

Its quick-release base makes it easy for you to move your camera between different locations.

The adjustable neck allows for different shooting angles. The GoPro Jaws clamp works best around railings as it could be difficult to attach it to different places with its narrow mouth.

The gooseneck attachment allows for lots of flexibility with its grill probe buckle mounts on both ends allowing you to use it with any other GoPro mount you already own. The clamp can hold up to a 2-inch grip and a 2-inch diameter.

6. GoPro Performance Chest Mount 

Not only is this GoPro Chest Mount very affordable but it is also very unique compared to the other mounts we’ve discussed so far.

It is breathable and lightweight allowing you to stay comfortable during any sport or activity.

You can record videos hands-free as this design is well crafted to remain stable even through fast movements.

You can even wear these chest mounts over big jackets and it is made for all different body types too. This chest mount is fully adjustable and has a quick-release buckle allowing you to get in and out of the mount quickly even if you have gloves on!

7. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

If your kayaking adventures require a helmet, this is the perfect mount for you. This GoPro helmet mount puts your camera a true POV perspective.

This mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras and you can easily attach it to your helmet (adhesive) either on the front or side of it while kayaking so that you can capture all of your cool adventures.

It includes a swivel mount assembly making it easy to adjust to different angles. It includes an easy-to-use mounting buckle and is ideal for any outdoor sport, including skiing and diving.

The mount includes a thick, shock-absorbing back making it able to withstand vibrations or any sudden movement during activities.

Learn more about GoPro helmet mounts.

kayak camera mounting

See our guide to the best GoPro mouth mounts. We include 6 tips for filming with a bite mount.

5 Best Kayak Mounting Locations

This comes down to the environment you are in. Some kayak trips are on calm water and at a slow pace. Others are on white water and require everything to be clamped down.

Most of these mounts also work for car vlogs, bike riding, skiing and so much more.

They are all perfectly crafted to give you smooth shots no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Decide which GoPro mount fits your needs. In particular, the most dynamic footage is shot from 

  1. Front/back of kayak: Adhesive or suction
  2. Side rail: YakAttack or UltraClamp
  3. Head: Head Mount or Adhesive Helmet Mount
  4. Chest: Chest Mount. Here are the best GoPro shoulder mounts.
  5. Paddle: GoPro Tube Mount

Happy kayaking!

kayak camera mount gopro

If you are going to handhold your camera, you should pick up a GoPro floating handle.

kayak mount gopro
YakAttack PanFish Pro on my kayak, with the GoPro Hero11 Black.

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Your Turn

How do you plan to use your GoPro while kayaking? How have you been mounting your camera?