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7 Best GoPro Cases for Travel: Carry Your Camera Safely

GoPro makes one of the best action cameras. They’re small and tough, and capture amazing photos and videos. But they aren’t indestructible and they require many accessories, batteries, and bits. A GoPro case will secure it all while traveling.

The best GoPro case for travel is the Pelican hardshell case. It protects from impact, dust, and water. Plus it has room to organize all your cables, mounts, and accessories. A close second is the Thule Legend case, the uses crushproof foam compartments to protect and organize all the pieces.

gopro case

Here are all the details, plus alternative carry cases for other applications.

Whether you need a small case that fits in your backpack or a flight-ready case, you can find a GoPro travel case that will meet your needs. 

Which camera travel case is right for you? Here are the seven best GoPro cases for travel, reviewed and compared. 

Note: I own these cases. With the exception of the Smatree case, I have all of them on my gear shelf. I’ve had the Thule case the longest, but I’m loving my recent purchase of the Pelican 1150. It is solid, customizable, and has room for 5 cameras.

7 Best GoPro Cases for Travel

Ready to find out which GoPro travel cases are the best? Let’s get onto the list. 

1. Pelican 1150 Camera Case

The Pelican 1150 Camera Case is a hard-shell camera case. This multi-purpose carrier has plenty of room for your cameras and accessories. 

The exterior of this case can take a beating. The hard plastic is watertight, dustproof, and crush-resistant.

Its outside also features stainless-steel hardware that will not damage due to mishandling during flights. The durable exterior makes the Pelican an ideal case if you have to check the case during a flight. 

Check the Pelican 1150 on Amazon and Pelican.

pelican 1150 for cameras
Pelican 1150 for GoPro and DJI action cameras
gopro camera cases
Pelican 1150 case open, showing my 5 action cameras

Do not worry if you accidentally get the case wet. It features an automatic pressure equalization valve and an o-ring seal that keeps the box watertight. 

There is plenty of room inside for a GoPro, mounts, a small drone, and other accessories.

Using the Pick N’Pluck feature, you can customize the foam interior to match your gear so it stays snug inside the case. I found it very easy to customize – I just set the camera on top and started pulling out the corresponding foam bricks.

It comes in 6 colors: black, blue, desert tan, orange, silver, and yellow (pictured). This is great if you need multiple cases – you can color code by gear type.

2. Pelican 1060 Micro GoPro Case

For travelers looking for a compact case, the Pelican 1060 Micro GoPro case is an option. This case has a water-resistant casing (IP67) and a dustproof and crushproof exterior. 

The IP67 water resistance makes the Pelican ideal for boating or fishing. The case can survive for up to 30 minutes submerged in 3.3 feet of water.

The small form factor of this case means you can safely pack it into a backpack, which makes it an ideal carrier for your carry-on bag or when hiking. It will keep your camera and accessories safe. 

See this case on B&H.

While small, the 8.25 x 4.25-inch interior has plenty of room for cameras, phones, and accessories. Unlike our top choice, this case doesn’t come with foam to secure your gear inside. 

This case also comes in many colors, including clear lids.

Here’s more about the IPX Waterproof Rating Guide

3. Thule Legend GoPro Case

The Thule Legend helps you keep your gear organized while traveling. The interior has spots for your camera, mounts, wires, and accessories. 

The case’s interior features padded compartments that match your GoPro and its accessories. There is also a lid pocket where you can safely store SD cards, batteries, cables, and more. 

See Thule Legend GoPro Case on Amazon

The exterior is a semi-hard shell and is incredibly tough. While not a true hard case, we found it provides plenty of crushproof protection for your gear. 

Thule Legend’s case features a quick-grip handle that can attach to a backpack or harness with a carabiner. 

Here’s a close-up of the related Thule Legend backpack. This foam tray is different from the Legend case above.

thule gopro case

4. GoPro Casey

If you are looking for an official GoPro case, the GoPro Casey is your best bet. This case from GoPro has plenty of room for a GoPro camera and accessories. 

It features a semi-rigid exterior that is water-resistant and durable. The exterior also has a convenient carrying strap that attaches to your backpack.

See GoPro Casey on

Inside you’ll find a deep case that should hold most of your gear while traveling. There are four removable walls for organizing gear inside the bag. If you need more room, you can remove one or two walls to increase the space inside the bag.

The interior of the lid has a mesh pouch for smaller accessories as well. 

5. Official (Included) GoPro Case

Some GoPro cameras ship with a free, basic carry case.

Which GoPro camera comes with a carry case? When you buy either the Hero10 Black or Hero9 Black, you’ll receive a basic carry case.

Here’s what the case looks like for the Hero10 Black.

gopro case official

As you’ll see, it is very basic, and the cardboard insert probably won’t last a long time. But the little carry case isn’t bad and will keep your cables and mounts all in one place.

I don’t think you can purchase this one separately – you’ll get it for free when you buy either the Hero11, Hero10, or Hero9 cameras.

6. Smatree GoPro Hard Case (One or Two Levels)

This hard case by Smatree is a great option for photographers who need extra safety and durability.

While the case can fit in your hand, it has plenty of room inside and will keep all your gear safe and secure while traveling. 

The exterior of this case features an anti-shock and water-resistant, hard plastic case. Your camera will be safe from accidents if you secure it in this case. The latch on the case is watertight and dustproof too.

Comes in one or two levels

Inside the case, you will find pre-cut foam that matches the latest GoPro camera, a battery charger, four batteries, SD cards, and some accessories. 

Here’s our guide to the best SD cards for GoPro.

In the two-level case, under the top tray, there is a large compartment that can fit all your other gear. This area also features elastic bands that secure the gear. The Smatree also features a small mesh pocket for smaller accessories. 

Whether you are a professional photographer or like to travel prepared for anything, this case has all the room you will need. 

7. Amazon Basics GoPro Camera Case

This Amazon Basics case is ideal for travelers on a budget. While inexpensive, the case will still keep your gear secure. 

The interior features pre-cut foam that fits any GoPro and basic accessories. You will also find a mesh pocket on the lid for your wires, SD cards, and other accessories.

The exterior is a soft-shell case with a carrying handle. While not as durable as the hard-shell alternatives, this case is compact and can easily fit inside your day bag or carry-on.

gopro carrying case

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gopro travel cases
My well-stocked Pelican case. My five cameras include 2 GoPro, 2 DJI, and my Insta360.

Final Thoughts

GoPros make an ideal travel camera. While they are tough, you want to keep them safe and secure while traveling. A GoPro travel case is the best way to secure your gear while traveling.

Whether you need a case for day-to-day travels or a long trip, we have selected the best GoPro cases for you to review. Our choices cover most travel types and use.

Which GoPro case did you decide on? Have an addition to the list? Let me know in the comments!