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GoPro Stats: 18 Company & Camera Facts (2023 Update)

GoPro has established itself as the leader in action cameras. How much do you know about GoPro as a company and a camera? Here are 18 GoPro stats.

Notable GoPro Stats: GoPro has sold almost 50 million units since 2009. And they have more than 2,000 global patents. Their waterproof cameras create content for athletes and families around the world. The first GoPro cost $30, and the newest GoPro costs $399.99.

gopro stats

This stat post is part of our GoPro series.

GoPro Stats: Camera

I’ve done my best to use the most up-to-date GoPro stats. Have a fresh data source? Let me know in the comments.

1. How many GoPro cameras have been sold?

GoPro has sold 48.4 million cameras since 2009.

This is an extrapolation of the following three data points.

  • 2015: 6.58 million units sold
  • December 3, 2020: 40 millionth camera sold since 2009. *
  • 2022: 2.8 million units sold. *

2. GoPro is a Patent Leader

In 2023, GoPro surpassed 2,000 global patents.

GoPro was listed for the 5th consecutive year Intellectual Property Owners Association’s “Top 300 Organizations Granted U.S. Patents in 2022” report.

3. When is the next GoPro going to be released?

The next GoPro (Hero13) will likely be released in September 2024.

The newest GoPro is the Hero12 Black, released September 6, 2023. Here are all the release dates for every GoPro model.

gopro facts
Hero12 and Hero11 Black – the two newest GoPro cameras

4. How many GoPro models are there?

GoPro has released 29 camera models. Here is a comparison of the most recent 26 GoPro cameras. This guide shows the evolution of GoPro cameras.

5. Where is GoPro made?

Like most technology products, GoPro cameras are made in China.

From what I can tell, GoPro accessories are also made in China.

Here is a photo of my Hero12 Black box, noting the country of manufacture as China.

where is gopro made
Where is GoPro made? The Hero12 Black was made in China

This differs from their 2019 plans, which don’t appear to have materialized.

“We expect most of our U.S. bound cameras will be in production in Mexico in the second half of 2019.”

Brian McGee, Executive Vice President and CFO

6. How to Contact GoPro

How do I contact GoPro? The best way is via their toll-free number (888) 600-4659

You can also submit a form online, via social media, or email them. Here are more methods of contacting GoPro.

7. Are GoPro Cameras Waterproof?

Every GoPro Hero since the Hero5 Black is waterproof (33 feet / 10 meters) without a case.

Even the GoPro Max is waterproof to 16 feet (5 meters) without a case.

Source: GoPro Waterproof Guide

8. What is GoPro used for?

GoPro cameras are a favorite of content creators. Because of their waterproof and shockproof design, they are ideal for extreme sports, travel, and water sports.

Learn about using GoPro for soccer, running, rock climbing, zip-lining, snorkeling, and motorcycling.

9. GoPro Social Media Audience

GoPro has a combined audience of 47.2 million followers across the six major social networks.

GoPro is pretty active across the major social networks. They’ve had the most success on Instagram, with double the reach of both YouTube and Facebook.

GoPro History Statistics

10. The first GoPro camera

The first GoPro was a 35mm camera (#001) released on April 13, 2005. And it retailed for $30 but only cost $3.00 to produce. Some sources cite that the first GoPro was released in 2004.

The 1st generation digital camera replaced it in September 2006.

11. GoPro Inventor

Who made GoPro? Nick Woodman invented the GoPro in 2001. His goal was to make a camera strap to hold a camera for filming surfing videos.

But he quickly learned that the strap was only the beginning.

After testing his first makeshift models on a surf trip to Australia and Indonesia, he later realized he would have to manufacture the camera, its housing and the strap all together.

Because Woodman was a solving an actual problem, he developed a product that filled that need.

12. When did GoPro start?

How was GoPro started? GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman.

GoPro Company Stats

13. GoPro Market Share

It has been difficult to establish actual market share numbers between GoPro and its primary competitors (DJI, Insta360, etc.). GoPro is the leader, followed by an eager and well-equipped DJI. Insta360 is the new player and is rising quickly.

If you have a data source to share regarding GoPro’s market share, I would love to see it.

14. Does Disney own GoPro?

Yes, Disney owns a stake in GoPro. Disney’s venture capital Steamboat Ventures invested in GoPro and 29 other companies.

15. Does FoxConn Make GoPro?

I have been unable to confirm the Chinese factory that manufactures GoPro.

But I did discover that in December 2012, Foxconn purchased an 8.88% stake in Woodman Labs for $200 million. This gave the company a valuation of $2.25 billion, making Nick Woodman a billionaire.

In 2015, Foxconn sold 30% of its stake in GoPro. Because of GoPro’s IPO in 2014, Foxconn realized a $63 million profit on those 1.35 million shares.

16. GoPro Subsidiaries

GoPro has nine subsidiaries in 7 countries.

NameJurisdiction of Incorporation
Woodman Labs Cayman, Inc.Cayman Islands
GoPro Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
GoPro GmbHGermany
GoPro do Brasil Participações Ltda.Brazil
GoPro Coöperatief U.A.The Netherlands
GoPro Technology LimitedChina
GoPro Trading LimitedChina
GT 2 Acquisition Sub LLCUnited States
GoPro Mobility, LLCUnited States


17. Is GoPro going out of business?

Despite some critics gleefully declaring that GoPro is dying (after every new release), the company appears to be doing well. They maintain a strong brand and customer loyalty.

18. GoPro Financials

GoPro’s 2022 revenue was $1,090,000,000.

Here are the highlights from their 2022 Annual Report.

Performance Highlights for 2022
In 2022, GoPro celebrated its 20-year anniversary, a journey which began with a 35mm film camera designed to be worn on the wrist while surfing. Today, GoPro is one of the world’s most popular brands serving millions of the world’s most active, creative, and inspired humans.
The strength of our brand and our subscription-based business in 2022 helped us deliver solid results despite a stronger U.S. dollar and macroeconomic headwinds. In 2022, we generated revenue of $1.09 billion, which resulted in GAAP net income of $29 million and non-GAAP net income of $81 million along with GAAP EPS of $0.18 and non-GAAP EPS of $0.47. 2022 was our fourth consecutive profitable year on a non-GAAP basis. Additionally in 2022, we generated $95 million of EBITDA, or 9% of revenue. We repurchased $40 million of stock and repaid a $125 million of convertible notes.
Our subscription business contributed meaningfully to our top and bottom line and, importantly, is building lifetime value into our business model as being a GoPro camera owner has become increasingly synonymous with being a GoPro subscriber. In 2022, we grew GoPro subscribers 43% yearover-year to 2.25 million, exceeding our annual target of 2.2 million subscribers. Our subscription business is now estimated to generate
approximately $100 million in annual revenue with gross margins of 70-80% in 2023.

GoPro Annual Report, as filed with SEC, page 54

Here is a screenshot from GoPro’s 2022 annual report, noting some financial highlights.

gopro financials
2022 GoPro financials screenshot, page 54
gopro statistics

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