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How to Delete GoPro Videos: 4 Easy Methods (SD Card, App, USB)

The easiest way to free up space on your GoPro is to delete files you no longer need. In this post, you’ll learn how to delete GoPro videos and photos. We cover clearing files from the SD card, via the app, and on a computer. You can either delete all files or selectively delete a photo or video.

how to delete gopro videos

4 Ways to Delete GoPro Files

It doesn’t take long to fill your GoPro with hundreds of photos and huge videos. Here’s how to clear the files from your camera.

Fastest Way to Delete GoPro Videos

Formatting the SD card is the fastest way to delete photos and videos from your camera. This method will permanently remove all your files in one step. This should be used with caution – those files will be unrecoverable.

Slower way: If you don’t want to delete everything, you can selectively delete your files. More on this below with two options.

Note: If you don’t want to delete everything on the card, don’t use the format method. You’ll permanently lose everything.

1. Delete Videos From GoPro Directly (All Models)

These instructions will work for the most recent GoPro Hero models. They include Hero12 Black, Hero11 Black, Hero10 Black, Hero9 Black, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, and Hero5.

This method will permanently clear every file (photos and videos) on your SD card.

  1. Insert your microSD card.
  2. Power on your camera
  3. Swipe down and tap Preferences
  4. Scroll to Reset (last option). Then select Format SD Card. You’ll get a window asking you to confirm, “Delete all files and reformat your SD card?”.
  5. On Hero12 back to Hero7: Tap Format
  6. On Hero6 and Hero5: Tap Delete

The reformatting action will erase your SD card – deleting every photo and video.

Here are four ways to format GoPro’s SD card.

how to delete videos from gopro
Menu for Hero8: “Delete all files and reformat your SD card?”
how to delete photos from gopro
Menu for Hero5: “Delete all files and reformat your SD card?”

2. Delete Files From SD Card on Computer

Here’s how to delete files from an SD card on a computer. You can use this method to delete all the files or selectively remove individual photos and videos that you no longer need.

To begin, you’ll want to connect to your computer. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Connect your GoPro via USB
  2. Remove your microSD card and insert it into a USB card reader.
usb card reader
My favorite USB card reader – it accepts both standard and microSD cards.

Okay, now that you’re connected, it’s time to start deleting GoPro files.

  1. Open the DCIM folder.
  2. Now you can either delete one or all files on your SD card.

To select more than one file or folder at a time, hold down CTRL. Or if you want to delete all files, select one file or folder and then Select All (CTRL + A). Once all the files are selected, you can delete them all at once.

Having trouble getting your computer to recognize your GoPro? Here’s how to fix it.

3. Delete GoPro Files with GoPro App

This is similar to option 1. It quickly deletes all the photos and videos on your GoPro.

Here’s how to delete all files with the GoPro app.

  1. Open the GoPro App on your phone
  2. Tap on the wrench icon (to go to Settings)
  3. Scroll down to Delete. Select Delete All Files from SD Card. Then confirm this action by selecting Delete All Files.

This will remove all videos and photos from your GoPro.

gopro app delete files
Menu in GoPro app – for deleting all files. This will reformat your SD card.
delete all files gopro app
Confirm box for deleting all files – via the GoPro app

4. Selectively Delete Files with GoPro App

There are two ways to use the app to selectively delete videos and photos. These methods give you lots of control.

Both methods require that you open the GoPro App.

  1. Inside the GoPro App, tap on the wrench icon. Scroll down to Delete. Then select Delete Last File. This will remove a mistake clip or photo. This way allows the deletion of a single file.
  2. This method allows you to delete numerous files at once. Inside the GoPro, tap on View Media. Then choose Select Item. Now select the files you want to delete. Once selected, tap on the Trash Can to delete.
delete gopro files
Menu in GoPro app – for deleting last file. This will delete only your last photo or video.
delete last file gopro app
Confirm box for deleting last file – via the GoPro app

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How to Clear GoPro microSD Card

As covered above, there are a number of ways to delete all files from your SD card.

They include these three methods. They are not selective. If you use any of these, you will permanently lose all files.

  1. Reformat SD card from the Camera Menu. This clears your card while it’s still in your camera.
  2. Delete all files from File Explorer on your computer. This method requires that you either direct connect your camera via USB or remove the SD card and put it in a USB card reader.
  3. Reformat your SD card from the GoPro App menu. This can be done remotely.

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Before You Delete Your GoPro Videos

Make sure to properly back up any footage and photos that you want to keep. If you aren’t sure what you might want, I recommend keeping them all.

It’s best to keep a few fresh microSD cards in your pack. With extra cards, you can just swap out your full card with an empty one.

I prefer to sort my footage back home on my desktop computer. It’s easier to see what I have. And I don’t risk deleting files that I would like to keep.

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