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How to Charge DJI Action Camera (All 4 Models) 6 Battery Charging Tips

DJI Osmo Action batteries last longer than 2 hours. But if you’re out for an adventure, that might not be long enough. Here’s how to charge DJI Action battery, both in-camera and with an external charger. Plus tips for faster charging, and the best gear to charge your camera on the go.

Charge DJI Action Camera: 1) in-camera, via USB cable or 2) with an external charger. The best way to charge your Osmo battery is with an external charger. This method allows you to use your camera while charging your dead battery. You’ll need an external charger and a spare battery.

How to Charge DJI Action Camera

Learn more about DJI battery life and compatibility in our DJI Action Battery Guide.

4 Steps: Charge Your DJI Osmo Action Camera

How do you charge a DJI Osmo Action camera?

Here are the basic steps to get your battery recharged.

  1. Turn off your Osmo camera: This includes turning off voice activation. This will allow your camera to recharge much faster.
  2. Remove any accessories: Accessories like DJI Mic or any accessory that draws power.
  3. Connect to power source: Choose from one of the charging methods below.
  4. Watch for the green light: Watch for the green LED light to indicate charging (in-camera). The green light will turn off to indicate charging is complete. If charging with an external charger, the indicator light color will vary.
charging dji action battery
Watch for the green light when charging the DJI Action battery

Two Methods to Charge DJI Osmo Battery

There are two primary ways to charge your Osmo action camera:

  1. With the battery in-camera (via a USB cable)
  2. With an external charger (battery outside of camera)

These charging methods apply to all four DJI Action cameras, including the Osmo Action 4, Osmo Action 3, Action 2, and the original Osmo Action.

Note: The DJI Action 2 camera is the anomaly in the series. Because it doesn’t have a removable battery, it can only be charged in-camera via USB cable. External chargers can’t be used with the Action 2 model.

Here’s what you need to know about each DJI Osmo charging method.

1. Charge DJI Osmo Battery In-Camera (No Charger)

Charging with just a USB cable is the method most DJI users will use. It doesn’t require any additional gear.

You can charge your battery with just what is shipped in your box (camera, battery, and USB cable). You can easily charge your battery using your USB cable and get back to your adventure.

Before charging your Osmo action camera, don’t forget to power it OFF. It will take longer to charge if it’s powered on.

Here are 4 power sources for USB charging your DJI Osmo camera.

  1. Charge via wall plug: You’ll need a USB adapter to plug your USB cable into. You’ll want to use an adapter that outputs at least 5V 2A. Some power bars come with USB outlets, so you might not need an additional adapter.
  2. Charge via power bank: This is the most convenient way to charge your DJI Action battery in-camera. You don’t need to be tethered to the wall or computer. Just plug it in and set it on your picnic table or backpack.
  3. Charge via computer: You can plug your Osmo camera into your computer USB port to charge it. It’s best to plug directly into your computer, avoiding USB hubs (unless powered with AC). Make sure that your USB port is powered when your computer is off. Here’s how to check USB port settings in Device Manager (Windows).
  4. Charge via USB outlet in your car: Most cars have USB ports. But most are just 5W – not enough to fast charge your camera. Check your user manual to see if this is an option in your car. You’re looking for at least 5V 2A. Not your fastest option, but you will still get the job done.

Can I charge my Osmo action camera without a charger?

There are 4 ways to charge your DJI camera without a charger. Each method requires that you have your USB cable. You can use a wall adapter, power bank, computer, or USB outlet in a car.

Charge DJI Osmo Action Camera
Charge the DJI Osmo Action Camera without a charger

2. Charge DJI Osmo Battery With External Charger

Using an external charger costs a little more, but it’s much more convenient. DJI makes a great charger/case – I’ve owned it for a year now and really like it.

You don’t need to use your camera as the charger – so you can drop in another battery and keep shooting while charging your dead battery.

Here are 4 power sources for charging your Osmo Action battery with an external charger.

  1. Charge via wall plug: This is the most obvious and is a great option the day before a trip.
  2. Charge via power bank: Just connect your charger to a power bank for mobile recharge.
  3. Charge via USB outlet in your car: This is convenient while traveling. Even if it’s slow, at least it’s charging between stops. And if your car has a fast-charge USB port, even better.
  4. Charge via computer: This isn’t the best option. It will likely charge slowly, unless you have a fast charge port. But if this is your only option, it will work. So while this is slow, it is a great way to upload footage from your DJI camera.

6 DJI Osmo Action Charging Tips

Here are some of the most common charging questions for DJI cameras.

The Best Way to Charge Your DJI Osmo Battery

The best way to charge your DJI Osmo Action battery is with an external charger. This allows you to continue to use your camera while your dead battery is being recharged. This will require a wall charger and a spare battery.

What Voltage is Required for Charging Osmo Action?

To properly charge your DJI Action battery, you need a port with 5V 2A output. This is true for all models.

For faster charging, choose an adapter/charger with 5V 3A.

What About Solar Power for DJI Osmo Charging?

Solar panel charging is an option for charging your DJI action battery. I’ve done that while camping.

But I don’t recommend it.

In my opinion, it’s better to first charge a power bank with solar panels. Then use those power banks to charge your camera. This power is cleaner and it will charge faster.

How Long Does a DJI Camera Take to Charge?

It takes from 49 to 90 minutes to charge a DJI Action camera, depending on the method and model.

How Long Do DJI Action Batteries Last?

DJI Osmo Action batteries last 135 to 180 minutes, depending on the model. Here is the full summary for each model.

What Charging Cable Does My DJI Osmo Use?

You’ll need a USB-C cable to charge your DJI Osmo Action.

dji action camera usbc cable
DJI Action cameras use USB-C cables

Gear for Charging DJI Action Cameras

How many cables do you need? I recommend at least two. Have one for your home office and another for your gear bag or car.

You don’t require much gear to keep your DJI batteries charged up. But there are a few key things that will make it easier.

Especially if you want to charge your cameras on the go.

  • USB Cables: You’ll be using a USB-C cable. If you misplaced yours, this one by Anker will do the trick (USB-C to USB 3.0). And here’s a great USB-C to USB-C cable option.
  • External Charger: If you don’t always want to charge your battery inside your camera, you should consider picking up an external charger. I recommend this charger/case by DJI.
  • Power Bank: I like to keep a power bank in my pack, so I can toss a spent battery on to charge while using the other battery. I’m a big fan of Anker products and have been using them for years.
  • Extra Batteries: It’s a good idea to own at least two. While there are aftermarket batteries available, I recommend using the official DJI product. I prefer to remove as many variables as possible.
  • USB Hub: If you’re like me and spend lots of time in front of the computer, you should consider a USB hub. A USB hub with data and charging ports means that you can fast charge your camera and upload your footage at the same time. Ensure you choose a model with AC power (wall plug) and not just a USB connection.

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dji action battery charger
The DJI Action battery charger: charges and stores three DJI batteries

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Your Turn

Have a question about charging your DJI Osmo camera or battery? Let me know your questions and tips below!