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5 Best GoPro Handlebar Mounts (Stable Bike Footage with Solid Clamps)

A simple GoPro handlebar mount is a great way to film your next ride. In this post, you’ll learn about the best GoPro handlebar mount, plus 4 great alternatives for mounting your camera to your bike’s handlebars. I’ll break down the specific pros and cons of each mount.

GoPro handlebar mount

The Best GoPro Bike Handlebar Mount

One of the best tools for anyone who loves adventure sports is a GoPro camera. These cameras let you capture the action and everything that happens in front of you. You can even mount one to a backpack and film the action behind you.

Though some wear the cameras on a mount that attaches to a helmet, you can also use one that mounts the camera onto the handlebar of your bike. This lets you keep your eyes on the trail and ride on your bike while you film your trip. GoPro camera mounts work on all types of bikes too.

You can easily find the best GoPro handlebar mount here, and you can check out the models that came in as runner-ups to that mount.

Best GoPro Handlebar Mount? Before you look at some of the handlebar mounts that came in a close second, you should consider the best mount. You can see who makes it and learn about the pros and cons before you buy one.

1. GoPro Official Handlebar Mount

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Price: Check on Amazon or GoPro
  • Material: Aluminum, plastic
  • GoPro Adapter included: Yes
  • Weight: 0.48 ounces
  • Other features: Fits handlebars with a diameter of 0.35 to 1.4 inches, nonslip design, mounting buckle
  • Compatible with other cameras: No
  • Pros: Rotates to capture different angles, compatible with all models of GoPro cameras, lacks the loose and small parts that other mounts have
  • Cons: The plastic parts aren’t as strong as aluminum and could break in cold weather or a crash. Uses more plastic parts than aluminum parts

Many prefer buying accessories directly from the manufacturer, which is why some like this GoPro official handlebar mount.

You don’t need to read through the product description to ensure it will work with your camera because it will work with any GoPro model. It is compatible with bikes that have handlebars with a tube diameter of 0.35 to 1.4 inches, including many BMX bikes and touring cycles.

The mount comes with an adapter that holds the camera in place and clips easily to the front of your bike. And it comes with a buckle that lets you change the angle or the perspective of your camera.

GoPro bike mount

You can use this mount with all GoPro Hero cameras.

GoPro handlebar mounts
Here’s an example of the POV from a GoPro handlebar mount

As the top choice for the best bike mount for GoPro cameras is on the expensive side, you might want to look at some of the following runner-ups.

These mounts are often a little more affordable and can still give you the security and angles you want.

2. Exshow Bike Mount

  • Brand: Exshow
  • Price: Check on Amazon
  • Material: Plastic, aluminum, silicone
  • GoPro Adapter included: Yes
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Other features: Nonslip clamp
  • Compatible with other cameras: Yes, including cameras from Sony, Kodak, Nikon, and Garmin.
  • Pros: 360-degree angle adjustments, uses high-quality materials, features a clamp coated in silicone, easy to use
  • Cons: Ball joint can loosen on rough trails and takes up a lot of vertical space on a bike

The Exshow Bike Mount is one of the best handlebar mounts for GoPro cameras. It is compatible with both GoPro cameras and cameras from other companies, including Canon and Garmin.

This mount has a simple design that uses a clamp on the base connected to a cranking handle on the side. That clamp uses silicone to create a nonslip design. You can adjust the clamp to place the mount on your handlebars and then tighten it.

Some users found that it wasn’t as durable as they expected or that the ball joint stopped it from fitting tightly on their bikes.

The mount will work on any bike with a handlebar tube of between 0.7 and 1.3 inches and is easy to use. It also uses durable materials such as raw aluminum to make the mount last longer.

Best GoPro handlebar mount

3. Gurmoir Aluminum Bicycle Handlebar Mount

  • Brand: Gurmoir
  • Price: Check on Amazon and eBay
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • GoPro Adapter included: Yes
  • Weight: 3.68 ounces
  • Other features: Includes a cloth and hardware with the mount
  • Compatible with other cameras: Yes, compatible with the DJI Osmo Action Cam and other action cameras
  • Pros: Fits handlebars with a diameter of 0.78 to 1.33 inches, rotates in all directions, slip-resistant design, works on ski poles
  • Cons: You can change the angle you set up because it bounces the camera around, does not have a locking option

When you want to use your GoPro on your bike, and when engaging in other adventure sports, the Gurmoir Aluminum Bicycle Handlebar Mount might be your best choice.

Not only can you use it on bike handlebars with a diameter of 0.78 to 1.33 inches, but you can also attach it to your ski poles and other types of equipment. Suitable for use in all weather conditions, it has a universal design that lets you remove it and install the mount on all your gear.

With a 360-degree rotation option, this mount lets you adjust your camera’s angle before you take off and ride. Some wish it had a locking option to keep the camera from moving.

4. Forevercam Mountain Bike Handlebar Mount

  • Brand: Forevercam
  • Price: Check current price on Amazon
  • Material: CNC aluminum alloy
  • GoPro Adapter included: Yes
  • Weight: 0.19 pounds
  • Other features: Requires a handlebar diameter of 22 to 34 mm, includes a welcome guide and detailed instructions.
  • Compatible with other cameras: Yes, it works with most action cameras.
  • Pros: Rust-proof and waterproof, rotates 360 degrees, comes with thumbscrews, easy to install, can mount most action cameras
  • Cons: Requires Allen key for mounting, compared to thumb screws or clamps on other models.

Forevercam made this Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar Mount for anyone who uses action cameras. It is compatible with most action cameras from leading manufacturers such as Sony and GoPro.

This mount uses an aluminum alloy material for lasting use and is both rustproof and waterproof, which lets you capture shots as you ride in the rain or the snow. The included GoPro adapter lets you rotate the camera at a 360-degree angle, though you may find it isn’t as adjustable as you would like.

It comes with two thumbscrews and a wrench for installing it on your bike. You also get instructions that take you through the steps of using the mount on any mountain bike with a handlebar diameter of 22 to 34 mm.

5. Forevercam Aluminum Handlebar Mount

  • Brand: Forevercam
  • Price: Check current price on Amazon
  • Material: CNC aluminum alloy
  • GoPro Adapter included: Yes
  • Weight: 0.16 inches
  • Other features: Includes a new upgrade board, comes with a wrench for installation
  • Compatible with other cameras: Yes, compatible with the DJI Osmo Action Cam
  • Pros: Compatible with most bikes and motorcycles, small size to save space on your bike, durable aluminum alloy construction, fits handlebars between 0.6 and 1.3 inches in diameter
  • Cons: Not much; just be careful not to tighten it too much.

This Forevercam mount is a good choice for those looking for a modern handlebar mount. It comes with a brand new upgrade board, and you get a wrench plus instructions for adding it to your bike.

Designed to fit on handlebars with a diameter of 0.6 to 1.3 inches, it also has thumbscrews on the base that keep it secured to the bike. You need to keep an eye on those screws because they can loosen and fall off.

This mount works with both GoPro cameras and the Osmo Action Cam from DJI. It also has a rotary adapter that you can lock to the angle you want.

Best GoPro bike mount
GoPro bike handlebar mount

A good handlebar mount is a must-have for anyone who rides bikes and likes filming their trips. GoPro cameras are great for capturing the action as you and your friend’s mountain bike down a rough hill or when you want to film your next bike race.

The right mount lets you mount the camera on top of your handlebars and keep the camera in the perfect position as you ride. Though any of the six models shown above are great for bike riders, you might find that one is the best GoPro handlebar mount for your bike.

Your Turn

Which mount do you have your eye on? What rides are you planning on filming next? Let me know in the comments!