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GoPro Trade In Program (4 Ways) Upgrade, Save, Exchange

Can I trade in my GoPro for a new one? Sounds like a pretty appealing offer. Exchange an older model (and a couple bucks) for the brand new model. Here’s what you need to know.

GoPro does offer a GoPro trade in program. The specs and window are limited. And the financial benefits are also suspect. But if you time it right, you might be able to exchange your old GoPro for a new one.

4 Ways to do a GoPro Trade In: You can do a 1) replacement GoPro trade-in, 2) an upgrade trade in (when available), 3) a GoPro subscription upgrade, or even 4) make your own upgrade by selling your old one and putting those funds toward the newest GoPro model.

Hint: The best option is the last one (unless your camera is damaged).

gopro trade in

Here’s what you need to know about GoPro’s trade in program.

GoPro Trade In (4 Ways)

There are two types of GoPro trade-ins: Damaged Camera Replacement or Upgrade.

1. GoPro Replacement Trade In Program (Damaged Camera)

If you are a GoPro subscriber, you’re eligible for up to 2 camera replacements every year. They count each year based on your subscription anniversary.

This program doesn’t give a discount toward a newer model. Rather, you pay a fee and they’ll send you a replacement model.

How much does GoPro trade-in program cost? The trade-in fee is $99 for most models (from Hero12 Black back to the Hero5 Session). The exceptions are the Hero10 Black Bones ($199) and the Volta ($79).

To qualify for this program, you’ll need to have your damaged camera. Lost cameras don’t qualify for replacement trade in.

Have you lost your camera? Here are 7 ways to find a lost GoPro camera.

2. GoPro Upgrade Trade In Program

Over the years, GoPro has offered various trade-in incentives. You used to be able to send in your old camera and get a credit towards the newest model.

They often offer this incentive at the beginning of the new year. This is when sales are slower and this helps move more inventory.

Will GoPro offer their trade in program this year? It’s hard to say. You can wait until January to see.

Current GoPro Trade In Exchange

Is GoPro currently offering a trade in program? I don’t think so. Their offer page ( is broken. And the content is no longer available.

Have you recently upgraded your GoPro camera with a trade-in incentive? Please share your experience in the comments.

gopro trade in program

Checking the Trade In Math

Many GoPro users have noted that the upgrade trade-in program isn’t really that great of a deal. Send in a functioning camera and get less than a $100 credit. The math doesn’t really work out for our benefit.

Instead of giving your older camera back to GoPro, here’s how to save the same amount on your next camera.

3. Upgrade With GoPro Subscription

If you subscribe to GoPro Subscription, you will save $100 USD on your next camera. This is similar to what they will give you for past trade-in programs. But you get to keep your older camera.

Of course, there is a fee to subscribe. It ranges between $24.99 to $49.99 depending on when you subscribe. But this covers more than just a camera discount. You also get replacement service (see point one above), plus discounts on accessories, and unlimited cloud backup.

I’ve been a GoPro subscriber for years. And save tons of cash with all the discounts.

Make Your Own GoPro Trade In

The simplest way to upgrade your GoPro

4. Upgrade Without Trading In to GoPro

Many GoPro users don’t wait for GoPro to issue a new trade in program.

Instead of sending your old camera back to GoPro for a few dollars, why not sell your camera on eBay (or Facebook or Craigslist)? Then you can take that money and put it towards the newest GoPro model.

You don’t need to worry about program terms, expiration dates, or model eligibility. Just buy the camera from any store. Then sell your old one.

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Your Turn

How do you play the game and save money on your new GoPro? I would love to hear if you’ve successfully traded in your GoPro in the last 12 months.