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GoPro Not Charging? Check These 7 Things (Easy Fix)

So you’re ready for the next adventure but your GoPro isn’t? A GoPro with a dead battery is no fun for anyone. In this guide, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and fix a GoPro that won’t charge.

GoPro not charging? Most problems can be easily fixed. You can reset your camera, check your charging cable and adapter, check USB port and battery for damage, ensure that it’s getting sufficient power, and check for water damage.

Here’s how to identify and fix these common GoPro charging problems.

gopro not charging

Not sure how to start charging? Check out our Guide to Charging Your GoPro Camera.

7 Ways to Fix a GoPro that Won’t Charge

Here are things to check and try if your GoPro camera won’t charge.

1. Reset Your GoPro

Reset the Camera: Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. If the battery has any juice, it should beep and turn on. This will reset the camera and hopefully clear any glitches preventing the battery from charging.

Need more help? Here are five ways to reset your GoPro.

2. Check Your Charging Cable

Damaged charging cable. If your cable is damaged, it might be unable to supply a charge. Also, if you have the wrong cable, it might not supply enough charge.

Here’s the cable you need for your GoPro.

gopro charging cable
For best success, look for the GoPro branded cable that came with your camera.

Solution: Swap with a new (or at least different) USB cable. Ideally, you’ll know that this cable is working and by connecting this to your camera, you can rule out this possible fail point.

3. Check Your Adapter (Damage or Under Powered)

Damaged (or Old) Adapter may not be able to supply sufficient power to charge your GoPro camera.

Solution: Swap the current adapter with another one that you know works. Make sure that it outputs at least 5V 2A.

Another option might be using a USB 3 port on your laptop. Most newer phone adapters also output sufficient power to charge your GoPro camera.

how long does a gopro take to charge
USB-C port in the side of GoPro Hero10 Black

4. Check Your USB Port (On Camera)

Damaged charging USB port on Camera: It’s possible that something happened to the USB charging port and this is preventing the battery from charging.

Solution: Charge your battery in an external charger. This will bypass the USB port on the camera and allow your battery to charge.

Using an external battery charger is a great way to bypass any possible problems with your USB port in-camera.

5. Check Your Battery

Look for visible signs of damage to your battery. It might include corrosion, swelling, or physical damage at the connection points.

Solution: Charge another battery and see if it will work. If it does, the problem is probably with your original battery.

Also, make sure that you have the right battery for your camera. You can double-check it in our GoPro Battery Compatibility Guide.

6. Check Your Power Source

Is your cable getting power? While this is probably an obvious step, I’ve made this mistake before. It’s easy to assume that the port/outlet has power to it. But it might not.

Solution: Make sure that the power back, surge protector, or automotive USB port has power to it. This can be easily done by trying another device. Or just checking for indicator lights that it does have power.

When connecting your GoPro to charge, you’ll see a red light to indicate that charging has begun.

7. Look for Water Damage

If your camera has experienced water damage, it might not charge or even turn on. While minor water damage might be recoverable, there is a good chance that this might be the end of your camera.

Solution: Here’s how to fix water damage. If you can’t fix it, you should consider trading it in with GoPro’s replacement plan.

If none of these steps worked, please read this guide: How to Fix a GoPro That Won’t Turn On. It includes step-by-step guides to troubleshoot a camera with weird problems.

And GoPro has a guide for cameras that won’t power on.

Here’s a video that describes a number of steps to try, if your GoPro won’t charge.

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Your Turn

How did it go for you? Which solution fixed the problem and charged your GoPro camera? Please share your tips below to help other members of the community.