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6 Best GoPro Accessories For Skiing: Ski Pole Mount, Helmet, Chesty

In this post, I’ll share the 6 best GoPro accessories for skiing for all current GoPro cameras. They include ski pole mounts, chest mounts, and a variety of helmet mounts.

best GoPro accessories for skiing

One awesome thing about the new GoPro cameras is that they’re waterproof. You don’t have to worry about putting it in an extra housing which means lens fog shouldn’t be a problem.

But if you’re shooting with a case or housing, you’ll need to be concerned about lens fog. Here’s our guide to eliminating lens fog inside the waterproof housing.

In this post, I’ll share the best GoPro accessories for skiing, and talk about some of the positives and negatives of each mount to help you make a decision.

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GoPro Ski Accessories: POV Consideration

Opinions about the best GoPro ski accessories differ because it depends on the point of view (POV) that you prefer.

Some want to see themselves skiing and others want to see the view.

Chances are (if you’re like me) you want a little of both – and your viewers will too. That means you’ll probably want a few different accessories/mounts.

6 Best GoPro Accessories for Skiing

Here are the 6 best GoPro accessories for skiing. The first four are helmet mounts and the final three are pole, chest, and gimbal mounts.

To get started, here are the best helmet mounts.

1. Hooshion 360 Degree Swivel Extension Mount

This aluminum swivel extension mount by Hooshion gives a selfie POV but, unlike some helmet mounts, this one isn’t too close to your face (don’t you hate that?).

See this on Amazon

With this mount, you can see more of the scenery than with a regular GoPro front helmet mount in the selfie position. The extension bar allows for a wide POV.

Here is a video of the POV from an extension mount.

2. Ultimate Rhino 360 Swivel Mount

This swivel rotor helmet mount gives an even more natural look (less like a reverse bobblehead).

Note of Caution: These first two options stick off from your head, which could be a problem if you’re skiing through trees. The next two helmet mounts (options #3 and 4) have a lower profile – and will be safer in some settings.

Check out the POV from this swivel helmet mount.


3. GoPro Front Helmet Mount

The standard GoPro Helmet Mount is a great option for forward-facing POV.

But I’m not a fan of using this mount for selfie footage. It’s just too close. See this on GoPro.

Here is a video comparing the POV from this helmet mount with a chest mount. Mount #2 in the video is the helmet mount.

4. GoPro Side Helmet Mount

The side mount gives more of a point of reference (than the front helmet mount) because it shows more of your body.

But I find the image of the helmet distracting, and the footage doesn’t look balanced to me.

In the following video, you’ll see the POV from a side helmet mount mounted on the left side.

5. GoPro Ski Pole Mount

The pole mount is a great GoPro accessory for skiing because you can mount it to a piece of gear you’re already packing.

Who wants to bring extra gear (like a separate selfie or grip mount) if you can avoid it?

It also gives a great POV. You can shoot yourself, your friends, and the scenery.

6. The Chest Mount

The GoPro chest mount has a sturdy design and is large enough to fit over your ski jacket. It comes in a junior size as well.

The POV from this mount shows a nice bit of your body (arms and legs) which helps to give a point of reference in your videos. Because you can snug the straps, the footage is generally more stable than the helmet mounts.

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Here’s a video showing the POV and some use tips.

There they are, my top 6 picks for the best GoPro accessories for skiing.

What About Mounting the GoPro to Your Ski or Ski Boot?

The POV from the GoPro mounted on a ski looks cool, but snow globs are a problem.

The footage doesn’t look so good when half the image is hidden under a large gray blob.

You’ll probably get snow on your lens with other mounts, but it will be way worse if you mount the camera on your ski boot or ski.

7 GoPro accessories for skiing

There are also a lot of complaints about the mount coming off of the ski. This could be due to the vibration or improper preparation of the surface of the ski.

The blind spots caused by snow and the adhesion problems are why these mounts didn’t make it on my best GoPro ski accessories list.

You can get a similar POV from the GoPro mounted to your ski pole, and you don’t risk losing your camera in the snow.

The pole mount is mounted with a clamp – no adhesive.

What’s Your Favorite POV?

What do you think? Is there a POV that comes out a clear winner in your eyes?

My favorite comes from the pole mount. It gives a great shot of you and the scenery. It’s versatile because it can film high or low, and face forward or back without needing to be taken off and moved around. And it’s great for filming your friends.

GoPro Tip: Move the pole around slowly to make editing easier.

One great thing with the Hero5 Black is that it has image stabilization and SuperView. Those features make footage from the forward-facing helmet mount look better than it did from older GoPro models. But the helmet mount can still give the feeling that the camera is floating.

GoPro Tip: Angle the camera down (slightly) to help capture some of your skis and pole tips to give a point of reference.

GoPro ski accessories

The helmet mount can also cause problems with head movement. This can leave your viewers feeling motion sick.

GoPro Tip: Edit out or slow down footage shot while turning your head (to look to the side, or behind). Short cuts of helmet selfie footage are best.

What did you think of that side helmet mount? It looked a little off to me. I don’t like that it shows the side of the helmet (too distracting) and it made me feel like the wearer was going to smash into the trees and other obstacles on their left side. I was tensing up with each pass.

I like how the chest mount footage looks, it shows more of the body (when compared to the forward-facing helmet mount) which makes for a great point of reference. It’s also more stable than the helmet mount.

The Sum-Up

Summing it all up, I would go with the pole mount and the chest mount.

Here’s one last video, just for the fun of it. In this one they’ve used a bunch of mounting locations. It’s a good example of why you may want to try more than one.

GoPro Hero5 Video Showing Cuts From Various Mounting Locations

Doesn’t that make you want to find some snow, strap on your skis and get going!?

Please let me know what you consider the best GoPro accessories for skiing by commenting on this post.